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Shwe Eain Si, Myanmar's prettiest empress, disappointed after the release of the Rohingya video; Linkant disputed this

YANGON: A Myanmar competition on Wednesday rejected the fact that the cause of the deprivation of a youthful candidate was a video graphics video in which she accused Rohingya Muslim fighters of inciting municipal force in the Western world - an area that has triggered a violent nationalist reflection within the Buddhist majoritarian state. Ms. Shwe Eain Si was robbed of her Miss Grand Myanmar record early this weeks.

As the procession organizers said they had broken their agreement, she claimed that the move was associated with her commentary on a crises that had caused Myanmar's worship tension. Shwe Eain Si, in the video permeated with cruel photographs of maimed corpses, voiced a widespread opinion among Myanmar's general population that the Rohingya fighters had conducted a "media campaign" to get the rest of the underworld to think "they are the oppressed".

It referred to the human rights crises in Rakhine State, where more than half a million Rohingya civilists have fled to Bangladesh since 25 August. As the world watched with dismay as Rohingya migrants flock to Bangladesh telling tales of horrors committed by troops and mob Buddhists, there is little support for the group in Myanmar.

Strong anti--Islam pressures have triggered a Myanmar blockade that has been oppressing the Islamic majority for years and has recently increased the hostility to Islam. Wednesday Miss Universe Myanmar rejected that the cause for punishing the beautiful Myanmar was her video and even praised the video that did not refer to the Rohingya film.

"Miss Universe Myanmar's ruling on Shwe Eain Si was unrelated to the Rakhine video," the film commented. He added: "Although the video that is now posting is good, it would be better if it were more fully filmed." Shwe Eain Si was robbed of her degree for violating a number of arsenals.

On a long Facebook mail on Tuesday, the cast refused to break the treaty and defended her video as an attempt by "a woman citizens of this land to use her glory to tell the truths for her nation". Myanmar's military has been charged by the UN with using its action against the fighters to cleanse the Rohingya from their frontiers in a systematic manner - an indictment that the Myanmar government has firmly rejected.

Many people, many of whom, even the Chinese authorities, are refusing to recognize the Rohingya as an independent ethnical group instead of naming them "Muslims" or "Bengalese" - an abbreviation for Bangladeshi immigrants who are illegally from Bangladesh. This is not the first dramatic experience of Myanmar's burgeoning pageant of beauties.

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