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Swe tv Movies

Written by Shwe Pyi Ga Tone. Burmese Office Videos - Myanmar Movies. The two-time Myanmar Academy Award winner in Myanmar is Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi. Sat-TV & free in-house movies. The Shwe Yee Pwint Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with flat screen TV, mini bar and movies on demand.

Sweet Mon (1970)

"to " the greatest show on the ground " to " the greatest show on Burma " ist mein Lieblingsfilm aller Zeiten in Burma.the storyline, the plot x, the main actuator and support actingor, publishing, cenimatography, scoring, playing, music, kind, directlying, art setting directlying, all are perfectly at that of ( (1970).I was 16 years old à cette époque.I arrived in Australia ,I watched and I''shocking.

Wino Oo turned the film "the greatest show on earth" into the Myanmar film "Mon Shwe Yee", an incredible metamorphosis, I adore the director wino Oo, not only this film, but also "Tain Lwhar Moe Moe Lwin", which is changed from "moment to moment". I would like to say "Win Oo" as "excellent transformer", another example, "Tiger Bay" by John Mill,Win Oo as " Atwe Atar " transforms and this film is a very contemporary play (then), it is too good for the younger people.

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