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Thaung Taung Myanmar Shwe Than Daung Resort. Swe Than Daung Resort[Taungoo][KMA Hotels Group]. You can reach Thandaung by car from Taungoo in about an hour. In Than Daung Gyi, Grace for Grace B&B offers rooms.

Picture: "Church on Naw Bu Baw, Than Daung Gyi, Kayin State".

The Shwe Than Daung Resort

The Shwe Than Daung Resort is located in the new Than Daung, Kayin State, 48 kilometers from Taungoo. When visiting Shwe Than Daung Resort you can experience the beautiful nature without man-made interference and the beautiful culture of Kayin National Park. They can also try Kayin eating, enjoying the stay in Kayin Culture Center with non-ferrous furnishings such as beds and furnishings; In addition, to unwind spirit and bodies that are worn out in the shortest time, swimming in Pa Thi Creek and enjoying the pristine beauties of the hills and forests.

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The Shwe Thandaung Resort is located in the new Than Daung, Kayin State, 48 kilometers from Taungoo. When visiting the Shwe Than Daung Resort you can savour the pristine beauties of the countryside and the beautiful Kayin National Monument. Kayin also offers you the opportunity to taste Kayin meals and stay in Kayin culture centres with local furnishings and decor.

For a relaxing bath, bathe in Pa Thi Creek and experience the pristine beauties of the mountain and wood. Still no feedbacks for Shwe Than Daung Resort.

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Situated just northern of Yangon, the state drapes a diverse geographical area as diverse as any in the land is Bago Division, 420 km long, relatively barren Sittaung Valley to the west, the wider, lusher and richer Ayeyarwaddy Valley to the south. Moe Yun Gyi Wetlands, Taungoo, Than TaungGyi, Pho Kyar Elephants Camp, Pyay, Ahkauktaung, Thayekhittaya (Sri Ksetra) and Shwetaung are the major tourist destinations.

Half an hours from Yangon lies the most historical antique of all cities, Bago (formerly "Pegu"), with an astonishing collection of shrines, palagodas and huge Buddha sculptures for a place of this magnitude. Well-known places for the visitor are Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Kanbawzathadi Palace, Shwethalyaung (Lying Buddha) and Kyaik Pun Pagoda (Four-Seater Buddha Picture).

The Moe Yun Gyi marshlands are located in the Bago Division, about 70 leagues from Yangon - Mandalay Hwy. It' only two hours by car from Yangon. Years later, the dam turned into 40 sq. m. of natural habitats with a high protection value for marshlands. Since 1988, the marshlands have been designated as nature reserves.

Thus, the flyingway contains a net of wetland and Moe Yun Gyi is one of them. Besides birdwatching, you can live with the inhabitants, wildlife and wildlife of the marshlands. Taungoo is the biggest town in the Sittaung Valley with the exception of Naypyidaw (capital of Myanmar) and will remain the preferred destination for those travelling on the new highway between Yangon and Mandalay.

Shvezandav Pagoda, the iconical focus in the centre of the city, is an exceptional historical place that draws Buddhist pilgrim flows all year round. The Than Daung Gyi Hill-Town Resort near Taungoo and 2 hours ride from Taungoo to the top. Many times we miss another scenic hillside city named Thandaung (Iron Hill), which is much nearer to Yangon than the cities named above.

It' the nearest resort to Yangon, as it is only about 200 kilometres away and can be accessed by road or coach on a half-day trip. Those who would rather take the tram can take the six hours from Yangon to Taungoo and only 27 leagues by road from Taungoo to Than Daung Gyiis through luxuriant primeval forrests. They can see cascade-like alpine brooks and slowly ascend to over 4,000 ft in order to get to Than Daung Gyi.

It' about 16 kilometres from the city of Thargaya on the Yangon-Mandalay motorway and 330 kilometres from Yangon and 389 kilometres from Mandalay. As the British called it, at the end of the nineteenth centuary there was a transhipment harbour for trade between Mandalay and Yangon.

Shwedandaw' s splendid pagoda, which rises from its centre, points to the much older origins of the city, which is one of Myanmar's biggest gold-plated stupas, a whole metre higher than the Shwedagon in Yangon. A one-and-a-half hours ride to the west road from Pyay is spectacularly nestled Buddha's pictures on the escarpment is famed place of Ahkauktaung, 45 minutes upriver from a hamlet of Htonebo Bo Townhip.

Surrounding the town of Hmawza, 8 km eastern of Pyay, are the remains of antique Sri Kserra, a place known as Thayekhitaya. One of the large pagoda in its area, which approaches via the northern highway, is the Payagyi type 4.

Farther westwards, just behind the junction to the site, the just as distinctive Payamar Pagoda is an accurate Payagyi comrade. Myanmar's most celebrated memorial is the 46-metre high Baw BawGyi Pagoda, which was built in the fifth centuary and was used as a model for most of the old Paya's in Myanmar. The BeiBei Pagoda, a few hundred metres to the eastern side, is a quadratic building dominated by three patios.

One stop on the Ayeyarwaddy Valley pilgrims' path is the Shwemyetman Pagoda in Shwetaung, 14 km southwards of Pyay on the Yangon-Pyay highways. Its centre cabinet surrounds a lacquered Buddha, the only one in Myanmar known to be wearing glasses with a golden rim.

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