Shwe Taung Yoe

This is Shwe Taung Yoe.

The Shwe Tuang Yoe Express is the first express coach service in Myanmar that has created the best routes and services for passengers. The Shwe Taung Yoe Express, Magway, Magway, Burma. With the Shwe Taung Yoe Express App, bus agents can buy and use tickets and forward them immediately to their phone - anywhere and anytime. is in Myanmar, Yangon. A mini bus will take you to the NyaungShwe Market.

Yangon Shwe Taung Yoe Express, Yangon Region

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Shwwe Taung Yoe Mini Bus & Shwe Nan Daw Mini Bus drive from Mandalay to Taung Gyi (Inle Lake) during the daytime. The Shwe Taung Yoe Mini Bus has a door-to-door system. A mini bus will take you to the NyaungShwe Market. They' re coming to Mandalay to collect your room.

For night buses, here are all the details; if you would like to take a personal cab to Inle Lakes, it is a good opportunity to travel to Kalaw and Pindaya Caves on the way to Inle Lakes. Hopefully this will help everyone who goes from Mandalay to Inle Sea.

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