Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda

Pwint Pagoda Shwe Phone

The Shwe Phone Pwint is located on Yay Gyaw Road in the center of Yangon. This pagoda has a spectacular design and outstanding architecture. A pagoda on a mountain behind Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda Hill. Sulamuni Pagoda is the most important religious site in the city.

Pwint Shwe Phone, Yangon

The Shwe Phone Pwint is situated on Yay Gyaw Road in the center of Yangon. This pagoda has a sensational look and excellent architectural features. To get a route description, please click here to get the application onto your cell phone or tray. It transforms your portable unit into a dedicated itinerary and works off-line, eliminating the need for a map.

There are a number of places of worship in Yangon that are a must for any tourist coming to Myanmar. A mixture of faiths exist in this town, which is why you can see various holy places, from the pagoda (typical of Myanmar) to Baptist congregations that were established many centuries ago with the missionaries' coming.

Go on this worship trip to the holy places of Yangon. Travelling distance: The Eastern Yangon Tours takes you to the most thrilling places you have ever seen. Visits to the town' s indigenous and tourist favorite market, its historic gems such as the Town Hall and the High Court Building.

In the end of the trip you will go to the convent and perhaps meditate a little. Travelling distance: Yangon's west is the most beautiful and interesting part of the town. The Royal Barge, the Shwedagon Pagoda and the National Museum are all of the highest quality touristic sites.

There' s a lot to see, so take this hike and don't miss some of the most exciting sights in West Yangon. Travelling distance:

Myanmar Dhamma: Shwie-lan extract: Pwint Pagoda Shwe Phone

This is an extract from our Taunggyi section that describes one of the city's most famous pagodas: one of Taunggyi's most famous ones, which offers an amazing panorama of the town and the neighbouring mountains, and on a clear sunny days you can clearly see Lake Inle. It is also a very calm and (usually) calm place, with the higher breezes that tickle the pagoda bell and the colder breezes that offer a beautiful place to be.

If you want to get some activity, you can go on foot from the town centre, which will take one or two hours, according to your willingness. Simply go to the eastern side of the town towards the mountainside, and finally you will find the snake-covered stairs directly above the railway uphill.

It is a nice stroll and you can relax halfway to the Naga Monastery before you reach the top. On the other side of the pagoda is Ruby Cave. Toung Chun Zedi, a small pagoda on a precipitous, rugged summit that can only be reached on foot, is not far from here and clearly discernible.

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