Shwe Oo Myanmar Video

The Shwe Oo Myanmar Video

Aye Thu Htoo San, Su Myat Noe Oo, Ant Minn Nyo, Khin Moe Moe. win Oo transformed the film "the greatest show on earth" into the Burmese film "Mon Shwe Yee". Browsing this site has collected updated Myanmar video. The Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda. Browse profiles of people named Shwe Myanmar.

Oo Min Shwe Natural Cave Pagoda

High up on a calcareous crest above Pone Taloke Lake, this tortuous ensemble of underground caverns and galleries is full of Buddhas in an amazing diversity of forms, dimensions and sorts. There is a continuing growth in the collections of paintings of alabaster, tea, marmor, bricks, varnish and cements - people are arriving in a gradual but constant flow, setting up new paintings and mediating in small, natively appearing rooms of mediation in the cavern wall.

There is a row of roofed stairs leading over the crest to the caves. The last 130 paces to the entry of the caves can be skipped by elevator. There are two further roofed stairs leading from the elevator pavillon to the south. The first rises softly back to Pindaya, while the other rises to a second cavern gazebo with a 40-foot, 40-foot, gold plated, seated Shan-style Shan Buddhas.

Climbing along the mountain crest, the staircase leads to a third room with a large lying Buddhahood and other carpentry and palagodas along the crests. Staircase to the cavern is about 2 walking minutes from the city at Shwe U Min Pagoda Rd, about 2 kilometers due to the city.

It' a Kyaukme Myanmar guest home. Brochure (Video, Review & Contact)

Monopoly in the shop is never good for the consumers, and with A Yone Oo guest house in Kyaukme Myanmar this is no different.... As the only guest house in Kyaukme that can accommodate aliens, the rooms really do not correspond to the cheap. Trouble is, you get less for your bucks than most other parts of Myanmar.

Oddly enough, it seemed strange to the owner to have a room with a king-size bedroom and not a two-bedroom. We have a few room choices, we spent a single room in a $12 budgeted room, a teeny twins with very thin beds, very thin panels, no fans and no hook-up!

These $12 rooms were miniscule and unpleasant, you can get the $18 rooms if you can afford it. Well, we were staying in the $18 double room. At only $6 more you get a much bigger room with real beds and including the use of the warm shower (which was also a bit messy for Myanmar) and breakfasts, but still no support!

You also have three-bed rooms (3 beds), about $25, and they put a singles into the double room for $10. For A Yone Oo Guest House, it is the only possibility to spend the night in Kyaukme from May 2013, which is a great and less touristic alternative for hiking than Hsipaw.

Myanmar we so much loved that we have written an independant guidebook about it. Contacts A Myanmar Guesthouse, Kyaukme Myanmar:

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