Shwe Oo Myanmar Movies

Svehwe Oo Myanmar Movies

Aye Thu Htoo San, Su Myat Noe Oo, Ant Minn Nyo, Khin Moe Moe. Mg Tin Oo. See Lu Min, Aung Ye Lin, Soe Myat Thuzar, Shwe Mhone Yati, Su Myat Noe Oo See the pronunciation aids for names in the Burmese news. Actress: Pyay Ti oo, Actress: Wit Mone Shwe Yi, Watch Movie. Nar Oo Ya' Gabar-Nay Toe, Thet Mon Myint, Chan Mee Mee Ko.

Sweet Mon (1970)

"to " the greatest show on the ground " to " the greatest show on Burma " ist mein Lieblingsfilm aller Zeiten in Burma.the storyline, the plot x, the main actuator and support actingor, publishing, cenimatography, scoring, playing, music, kind, directlying, art setting directlying, all are perfectly at that of ( (1970).I was 16 years old à cette époque.I arrived in Australia ,I watched and I''shocking.

Wino Oo turned the film "the greatest show on earth" into the Myanmar film "Mon Shwe Yee", an incredible metamorphosis, I adore the director wino Oo, not only this film, but also "Tain Lwhar Moe Moe Lwin", which is changed from "moment to moment". I would like to say "Win Oo" as "excellent transformer", another example, "Tiger Bay" by John Mill,Win Oo as " Atwe Atar " transforms and this film is a very contemporary play (then), it is too good for the younger people.

Change Burma: Is the censor of movies and soundtracks going to end?

Ye Ngwe Soe cries in a black cellar in Burma's capitol Rangoon. "The 25-year-old calls in Myanmar, metallic studs sparkle on his jeans coat. It is not, as it seems, about living in Burma, but about the frustration of being borne into a popular music-dominated age.

It bans clear policy statements, but even seemingly harmless texts have been obstructed. "They' re always looking for meaning," says Ye Ngwe Soe. Myanmar writings are checked before filming begins, and in post-production every single piece is broken down by censorship into classified policy statements. For Kyaw Thu, one of Burma's most celebrated actor, the attempt to get films of artistic credibility past the government agencies became a life's work.

"We' ve shot a Burmese New Year celebration video where we saw the blooming and cutting of flowering Padauks because the Padauks are so intimately associated with Aung San Suu Kyi. Responding by plunging into a charitable organization that finances burials for Burma's very poor. Now, a year of reform has asked the once poisonous Kyaw Thu again.

Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and head of the Burmese government, has invited him six occasions for a cup of coffee to ask him for help in making a bias about her dad, Burma's independent protagonist General Aung San (so far he has refused because he said he was too busy). President Thein Sein, the main driver behind recent Burma policy changes, allegedly said Kyaw Thu was his favorite theatrician.

" But Kyaw Thu says there are still those within the Myanmar administration who are holding back his comeback. If there are further steps towards freedom of expression, it will be the Myanmar reporters who will be the first to have it. Part of Burma's fast-developing reforms was a new press act pledged for later this year, with an end to censure.

" However, to keep the Myanmar Time informed is still a battle. "We' ve entered some of these songs three times," she says. "The Burmese exile press are now also being courted to come home.

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