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Actor on charges of illicit allegations in the courts

After accusing the company's president of conducting an occasional celebration on the site they are working on together, Father Land Construction is planning to file a slander suit against a three-time Oscar-winning Actress. On June 27, the corporation published a statement in state papers stating that it would take steps against Daw Wah Wah Wah Wah Win Shwe for her statements made at a news release and in a statement in state papers.

She also charged her with finding an alibi to withdraw from an arrangement to give Father Land K1.2 billion to construct a 21-story lighthouse on the site of a former Bogyoke Aung San Road movie theater, and said she was only able to afford three fourths of the agreed sum.

"Daw Wah Wah Wah Wah Win Shwe postponed the date to sign the agreement for the new facility because she could not give the funds she had promised," the firm said in the announcement. "She clouded the company's image by publishing an ad in the paper that accused our CEO of holding an occasional event on the premises.

At the end of June, Daw Wah Wah Wah Wah Win Shwe informed that she had terminated her contract with Father Land Building because the contract ually agreed not to be met. She commissioned the firm to construct a 12-story building on the Su Htoo Pan Cinema site on Bogyoke Aung San Road in April 2012.

"Daw Wah Wah Win Shwe gave the business K 900 million (about US$ 900,000) and the movie theater complex. Apart from demolishing the old theater and erecting a perimeter around the site, they have done nothing for 14 month - they haven't even started to lay the foundation stone for the new tower," said Daw Wah Wah Wah Wah Win Shwe's boy, U Win Htut Win, to The Myanmar Times.

But he said it was a revelation that top management officers were visiting the premises in the midnight and performing an occasional sacred celebration - burning a candles on a slice of flesh - that led them to undo the bindings. On June 23, at a news briefing, the Daw Wah Wah Wah Win Shwe familiy recorded a picture of the president of the Fatherland, who confessed to the crime.

Also, eyewitnesses to the event took part in the newsroom. Father-rural officers said they would repay the loan, he said. But he still hasn't got it," said U Win Htut Win, and added that the host families are considering law.

The spokesman for Father Land, U Myo Myint, said the speech data that was used at the news conferencing was forged. "We made an oral arrangement in January this year and she gave K100 million for the new building. Then, the firm presented the suggestion to the Yangon City Development Committee's Quality Control Committee for high-rise projects.

Daw Wah Wah Wah Wah Win Shwe placed an ad in state papers in March to advertise the additional flats in the lighthouse, he said. Soon after, the commission asked the firm to present a new design for the lighthouse. Mr U Win Htut Win said that the building firm was to blame for not providing YCDC with an appropriate building instruction.

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