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The Shwe Yee Pwint Hotel is a good choice for travellers interested in relaxation. Sat-TV & free in-house movies Best streaming media and daily updated movies, VCD albums, Dhamma videos, events, news, entertainment and live broadcasts. Near Senior General Than Shwe and former minister of.

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This is a TV show from Korea with Song Chang-eui, Kang Se-jung, Kim Da-hyun and Park Jung-ah. The Myanmar Idol is a beloved Myanmar Song Competition TV show on Myanmar Network TV. The Myanmar Times called the first year, 2016, a "wild success".

Broadcasted on Myanmar Network TV on Sky Net, it became more fashionable than Eain Mat Sone Yar and Melody World, which were once the most beloved vocal contest in Myanmar.

The first Myanmar Idol Singing Competition took place in four big towns in 2016: Yangon, Mandalay, Pathein and Taunggyi. Serial referees Ye Lay, Chan Chan Chan and May Sweet voted for the top 11 finals. Following further legs, top 3 finals Saw Lah Htaw Wah, M Zaw Rain and Ninzi May came to the Grand Final Show, where Saw Lah Htaw Wah became the 20-Aug.

Increasingly fierce competitive pressure between pay-TV providers

"Shwe Than Lwin has cut Sky Net charges by half, as has the Forever Group. They' re cutting their competitive services fees," said a Rangoon citizen. It said that the regular costs for a Sky Net recipient were 68,000 kyat[US $79], but it is now available for 34,000 kyat[$38.5].

One year of services, previously costing 216,000 kyat[$251], are now available for 108,000 kyat[$125.5]. One is for viewing MRTV 4 and international stations, the second for 5 movie, 5 serial and sport stations. "It' 60,000 kyat[$70] for MRTV 4 and other international stations.

A Forever Group member of staff says, "This bundle contains a recipient and a one-year subscription. "Including a three months long subscription, the 5 Movie, 5 Serial and Sport Channel receivers cost 62,000 Kyat[$72]," he said.

Rangoon e-commerce companies reported that 8-foot satellites from neighbouring Thailand and China are at the forefront of the TV industry, while the two suppliers are in competition with each other. While an 8-foot bowl cost about 200,000 Kyat[$233], the periodic subscription fee, whether per month or per year, required by other payment TV channels is not real.

The majority of state TV stations in Burma, such as TV Myanmar, Myawaddy TV, MRTV 4 and International Myanmar, usually transmit the government's publicity and view.

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