Shwe Maung than Hotel Dawei

Hotel Dawei Shwe Maung

The Shwe Moung Than Hotel, Dawei. The Shwe Moung Than Hotel, Dawei Picture: Shwe Maung Than Hotel, Dawei. The Hotel CS is located in a quiet area near Lashio. The Hotel Dawei is located in Myanmar, Tanintharyi region, Dawei.

Exactly like this - Review of Shwe Moung Than Hotel, Dawei, Myanmar

At first I was in two Dawei properties, the Garden Hotel, then the Shwe Moung Tan. Shwwe Maung Tan was more beautiful and less expensive than Garden. Contemporary rooms with A/C, beautiful large bathtubs and a cosy cot. It' s a great place off the beaten track, but close to what you need on the spot, which includes a China restaurants where I used to serve good meals and beers in the mornings.

The wifi in the rooms was powerful enough and better than in other local hotel. Well, I hired a motorcycle from the hotel for a good rate for the entire outing. The hotel also had information for me about the ride by rail to Mwalamyine and organised a motor taxicab to take me there (very early) around 4:00 in the morning.

Shwwe Moung Than hotel evaluation, 665 Pakauku Kyaung St, Dawei

Than Shwe Moung is neither the least expensive nor the wisest hotel in Dawei, it is an outstanding trade-off and probably the best value for your budget in the city. ex Kawthaung from US$1,100. but for your additional Kawthaung you will get a Cleanroom in a new facility with supportive personnel and a full service breakfasts.

That means that everything is very neat and works well. Aircon is cool, warm temperate waters heated (although they provide some cheap colder showers alternatives), and even their WiFi worked in a way. Stain free blank rooms are without decoration, but with refrigerator and cabel TV and the more costly warm tap running facilities have bathtub.

The rooms are also quite large - the 37,000 kyats and higher are enormous. As Shwe Moung Than is brandnew, he hasn't made it to many other travel books yet, so you have a good shot at getting a room right now. There are no low prices noted, but we estimate that you could get a rebate.

20.000 kyat20.000 kyatAir-con with coldwater. It'?s warm water: 32,000 kyats. Default doubleroom, low season: 20.000 cyat, high time 20.000 cyat. Waterconditioner with cooler. It'?s warm water: 32,000 kyats. Privately owned bath with 3 separate rooms, low season: 47.000k yat, high season: 47.000kyat. Low season: 57.000 cyat, high seasons 57.000 cyat.

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