Shwe man Thu Bus Mandalay

Thu Bus Mandalay

Anyone know how long it takes by bus from Mandalay to Bagan? The Shwe Mann Thu Bus (Mandalay to Bagan). Myanmar Forum - Shwe Man Thu Hello, is it a fact that Shwe Man Thu in Mandalay offers a free bus shuttles to the bus terminal when we buy the ticket in their officehf? We' re taking the overnight bus from Mandalay to Bagan. You have the telephone number of Shwe Man Thu?

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From Mandalay to Bagan by bus - Mandalay Forum

There are four bus companies from Mandalay to Bagan, names are Shwe Man Thu, Aye Chan Mg, Nyaung U Man, Pyi Daw Aye. Nearly all busses arrive in Bagan and Mandalay, not much else. From Mandalay to Bagan it takes 6 h. Along the way, all busses stopped for 30 minutes to eat and take a dip.

Take a bus from Mandalay to Bagan.

Whimsies Shwe Man Thu | Wandering Travel Blog

We followed where most of our expatriates went and lined up at the local migration office for our departure stamps. Karla, Jayvee and I encountered other Philippine visitors on our same line, and we exchanged tales while we waited for our train. We found out that our goal was Thai migration at the frontier to Aranyaprathet.

When we arrived at the migration office, we saw signposts leading us to the migration form to fill out. We had to go up the staircase with all our baggage on the second storey of the school. When my pass was cancelled, I went to the entrance following the signposts in the school.

The bus was parked in the car park next to the immigrant school. They had a well serviced toilet, so I rented 5 TB from Jayvee (my cash was still in dollars). Arriving at 4 pm at Mochit bus terminal, we were immediately bombed by cabborders who offered their (overpriced) service.

Fortunately, I did some research on how to get to our youth Hostel by local transportation we got a little confused, but when we asked a few local people, we found the bus that would take us to Bangkok Transit System ( "BTS") stop. It was an old bus and all the people seemed like natives. We had a bus stop right at the Mochit BTS stop and rushed to buy our Siam Square ticket where our youth Hostel was at.

I' m going to tell about our Bangkok Youth hostel in part 4 of this story The three of us were very starving at the moment and got saliva in a KFC ad we saw at the train stop. After arriving at our hotel, we leave our pockets in our room and ask at the front desk where we can find the next KFC.

We went back to the hostal - Karla and I to get ready for our Myanmar trip and Jayvee to get ready for their bangkok concert touring. Karla and I reached Don Mueang International Airport thanks to the dependable transportation system in Bangkok and had enough air travel to catch our plane.

We took the BTS from our youth Hostel to Mochit railwayhof. Directly below the train stop is the bus stop, where we had to await the bus A1, which runs directly through the DMK airpor. We had a nice AirAsia trip to Mandalay. Me and Karla came to an airfield with low level A/C and low light.

Besides the personnel at the airports, our companions were the only ones who were there. So we went through migration and traded our funds for Myanmar Kyoto (pronounced as "chat"). and we wanted to be drop off near the bus station in the direction of Bagan. The first impression of Myanmar was that it was warm and unusual - the tone of their speech was weird, almost everyone had a strip of tan color on their faces, most chewed on nuts that had a red tinge on their teeths, and the men wore something similar to a coat instead of pants (even part of the crew at the airport).

Arriving in the city centre and going to the bus depot, Karla and I needed a few tries until we found a native who could do it. In all honesty, this was the first experience of anxiety and hesitancy during this journey. After arriving at the airport, the natives immediately came up to us to ask us where we wanted to go.

and it showed up on our faces. We were reassured by the natives that they had no evil intentions, but it was better to be careful. We had a bus service (Shwe Man Thu) with excursions to Bagan, which had a good name among the blog I used.

But Karla and I hesitated. Just think of our alert when one of the natives followed us there to persuade us to take the Pwi Daw Aye bus in 2h. I and Karla decide to take the Pwi Daw Aye bus instead of 7hrs. Wait for the Shwe Man Thu bus.

So we went back to the airport to buy our ticket and found that the local people were very obliging. Finally we reached our youth hostel at 10 pm and found a place to have dinner. Well, I was so starving then, but the meal is really tasty.

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