Shwe man Thu Bus Company

Thu Shwe man bus company

The majority of bus companies have recently purchased brand new Scania buses from Europe. Yangon-Pathein]. Highway Bus Center (Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal) serves most destinations, while Hlaing Thar Yar Bus Terminal. This is Shwe Mann Thu Bus (Bagan to Mandalay). ("Shwe Man Thu, Shan Ma Lay, Pathein Thu).

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Luftballons ├╝ber Bagan ::: :: Bus Traffic :: Traffic is the most important means of communications in Myanmar. The majority of villages can only be reached by overland. Most of the busses are run by privately owned enterprises. It is a quicker and less expensive way to go from town to town. Optional extras range from deluxe air-conditioned executive coaches, less deluxe but beautiful coaches and no air-conditioned commuter coaches.

Burma Travel Diary #3: Inle Lake

I' ve been in Inle Lake for 3 full nights and had the luck to work at 2 of them. This was the Thadingyut Fest, also known as the Full-moon or Day festival, which is held all over Myanmar and is celebrating Buddha's descent from heaven after Revival. Thadingyut, at the end of Buddhism's fasting period, is held on the full lunar Monday of Burma's lunar months and lasts 3 days: the full lunar and the previous and subsequent one.

To celebrate this, folks are lighting a candle outside their homes, in the streets and in the shrines. Second was the Phaung Daw Oo Rema Paya Fest, where the 4 Buddhas of Rema are carried to the village shelters around the lakes. It is also known as the 4 Buddhas Festivals and lasts 18 nights.

Our primary goal of the daily was to support the 4 Buddhas Paradise, which began in the early hours of the early hours in the very southern part of the city. Leaving the jetty at Nyaung Shwe at 5.30am, we began to work our way down while the light was rising behind the hill between a few long clouds. 2.

As we approached the paradise, the more ships carrying a family, we hit in the same area. Each boat is adorned in different ways and colours; on those with younger folks there would be some kind of technical stuff and some boys would be dancing over it on an additional overlay.

That was my speciality in the Inle-See! We drove to Shwe Inn Thein Paya in the afternoons and then back to the jetty, where we drove through the swimming gazebou. At the second morning I hired a bike to discover the towns around the lakes. Then I walked down the western side of the pond towards the woodtempel.

It was a wonderful way to get there: To ride through the countryside and towns with children beckoning to me and a few friars collecting their funds in the early spring break was a great way to get into the workday. The climb to the sanctuary was a short walk, but I was awarded with some teas provided by some old folks who played at the door.

A lot of these guys came from smaller towns where tourist don't really go, and they studied me, giggled, urged the younger children to say hello to me, and of course they all took photos together. When I had visited the sanctuary and enjoyed the views from there, I took a small ferry to get to the other side of the water, where I found a fellow who was in my same guesthouse in Yangon.

We made the bend around the pond in the opposite sense and chose to make up for it and have a long luncheon to jump over some of the sun before we split up again. From there the views of the pond were wonderful and many more family photos were taken, followed by more giggles.

And it was customary to go back and prepare for the evening: it was the full moonday when all over the place candle lighting took place, and a wonderful ambience was created in the Nyaung Shwe avenues. At 8 pm I wanted to take the JJ Express out of the water (finally!) to drive to Mandalay, so I had all afternoon to cool Nyaung Shwe.

It is also his galery and his paintings, mainly of humans and lives, are unbelievable. It was the best way to end my day in Inle Lake.

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