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SHWE Lashio has no feedbacks yet. The Shwe Loon Pyan Bus (Golden Shuttle Bus). Top - Categories - Buses[Highway]; Shwe Lashio (Yangon-Lashio). With the Shwe Lashio Express App, bus agents can buy and use tickets and forward them immediately to your phone - anywhere, anytime.

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Transport from Lake Inle to Hsipaw - Nyaungshwe Forum

  • Are there buses from Nyaungshwe to Hsipaw? What is the estimate of the amount of elapsed since then? - Can I drive a collective or private┬ácab? Do you have any idea how long it will take and how much it could be? - Comparable to the costs of the second alternative for the Heho to Lashio and then to the Hsipaw to Hsipaw by road?

Now, some busses go to Nyaung Shwe to collect their people. There is no need to go to Shwe Nyaung intersection to take coaches. The Hsipaw coach departs from Taynggyi around 14:00 and reaches Nyaung Shwe around 15:30 (after having stopped at Aythaya station and crossed the Shwe Nyaung intersection). He departs NS at 4:00 pm and crosses the SN intersection again, then drives to MDY and stops at MDY for a few min and then drives to Hsipaw.

Thanks N S. It's great that we can take the coach to Hsipaw from Nyaung Shwe ourselves. So, I assume the coach will take the major highways via Mandalay to Hsipaw (National Highway 4, Yangon-Mandalay Expressway, National Highway 3). As it' about Mandalay, I don't like it.

I' ll probably fly by plane over Lashio - the Mi. The plane suits my plan. Hello all! This coach from Lakes To Inle To Himpaw does the opposite (hisipaw To Lakes Inle)? if so, the costs are the same? I just got the plane ticket for the KBZ plane from Heho to Lashio.

Costs for the foreigner are $89 (per passenger / one way). The costs are $101 each, so most commercial carriers now take reservations and pay online: Name of the group: Name of the group: Name of the group: Air Bagan, Name of the group: Golden Myanmar and Name of the group: AMBZ. I and my husbands are also thinking about different ways to get from Nyaungshwe to Hsipaw.

Whilst the plane seems fast from Heho to Lashio, there will also be ~2 hrs travel to and from these airfields, plus the schedule for lunchtime travel, so take your own free moment that might otherwise be sight-seeing. Anyone know how long the trip would take and how much it would be?

but I guess a vehicle could make the trip in less at all? For less if you take a personal cab. When you want to discover the area between Inle Sea and Hsipaw, this is a good choice,but the fare is somewhat similar to airline fares.

It' a $200 plus 8h to drive! After all, we decided on the Heho-Lashio plane KBZ. We were supposed to take off at 09:00 but the clock shifted to 12:00. Took 50 mins. to get to Lashio. From Lashio to Hsipaw took 40,000 kyats ($41) and took less than an hours and a half by cab.

It took about 5 hrs (left Nyaung Shwe at 10:00, arrival in Hsipaw at 15:00) and was $213 for two people (August 2014). I' m planning to be at the end of this months inlet lagoon and drive from there directly to Hsypaw. So I wonder if this coach goes directly to Hsipaw or through Mandalay?

Could you tell me exactly where Nyaung Shwe's coach terminal is? I' ve tried to search the stop on Google Maps between Shwe Nyaung and Nyaung Shwe, but couldn't find anything that looks like a coach dock.

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