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Telephone number of Shwe Kyun Hotel Taunggyi

Located in Taunggyi, the Shwe Kyun Hotel offers a fitness center. The Shwe Kyun Hotel in Taunggyi The Shwe Kyun Hotel is ideally situated in Taunggyi and is a good starting point to discover this pulsating town. It is not too far from the town centre: only 0.3 km away, and it usually lasts about 55 min. to the international airports.

The hotel is an oasis of peace and tranquillity and offers a complete renovation just a few paces from the city's many tourist amenities such as Myat Taw Win General Hospital, Sein Private Hospital and Khaing Myittar Hospital.

In the Shwe Kyun Hotel the outstanding services and the outstanding equipment ensure an memorable time. Hotel guest can benefit from local services such as 24-hour room services, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, left-overs, Wi-Fi in common areas, parkingservice. The whole afternoon you can relax in the relaxed ambience of the gym.

The Shwe Kyun Hotel with its perfect position and equipment is the right place for you in many respects.

Taunggyi Shwe Kyun Hotel, Myanmar

No. 11, corner of Sittaung Street and Dhamma Rakhidha Street, Kan Shae Quarter, Taunggyi, Myanmar. Lodge at the Shwe Kyun Hotel to explore the miracles of Taunggyi. The hotel's amenities and amenities are available to both corporate travellers and visitors. Wi-Fi free in all rooms, 24-hour room servicing, left-overs, Wi-Fi in common areas, parked car servicing is available to guests.

There are various leisure facilities at the hotel. The Shwe Kyun Hotel provides you with a dependable courtesy and highly qualified team. The Shwe Kyun Hotel - Taunggyi is classified as a 3-star hotel. N.B. Please be aware that the rating of stars is widely accepted by most of the world' s leading hotel companies. N.B. Please be aware that these are believed to be accurate at the date of publication, but may no longer be available.

Svehwe Kyun Hotel, Taunggyi, Myanmar Hotel offers: Favourable accommodation, discounted prices in inexpensive accommodation. Hotelsearch Compare page

Located in Taunggyi, the Shwe Kyun Hotel provides a gym. The 3-star hotel has a 24-hour reception and an ATM. Accomodation has a courier and ticket purchase services for visitors. For more information, please contact the hotel directly. Hotel information is subject to changes. It is important to clarify the latest information with your hotel immediately before your journey.

Hotel information is subject at any time to be changed without prior notification. It is important to clarify the latest information with your hotel immediately before your journey. For further information please directly to the hotel.

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