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View free myanmar movies, myanmar music videos and interesting stories. Myanmar Arts & Entertainment's popular list of websites. Are Snr-Gen Than Shwe delusional? Bad news is Than Shwe's military leaders and ministers might agree. View free myanmar movies, myanmar music videos and interesting stories.

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Burmese generals' secrets

Burma's governing general community is a secluded place hiding behind high ramparts and gun-guard. There was a look last year at the marriage of the daugther of the dictator Than Shwe. The video material showed at least seven chains of diamonds lined up under Thandar Shwe's twin-chins. Gene Than Shwe, 74, who came to office in 1992, is said to have royal hallucinations.

Colonels constructed a showplace in Naypyidaw, their secluded new capitol ruled by old and brave Myanmar heroes. Thane Shwe's backdrop is the psychic conduct of war. In the 1950' he took part in surgeries against the Karen tribal minorities' insurgents before ascending under the former Ne Win-dictatorship.

The third in the ranks is General Shwe Mann, 60, who received the honorary degree of Thura in 1989 for his part in the attack on the Karen rebel headquarter in Manerplaw. Mr. Bishop is considered a prospective replacement for Than Shwe, who has named him Head of Defense Forces. Burma's premier is Lt. Gen Soe Win, who took a lead in quelling the 1988 outcry.

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