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com. The dream you dream alone is only a dream. Urg General Than Shwe to free all prisoners of conscience in Myanmar.

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I' ve eaten here several times and was struck by the eating experience. Here we had two very delicious meals, chili chickens and another lovely diced chickens. Attention-grabbing employees. Great cuisine, especially the last page with regional specialties from Lake Inle. Presentations, tastes and qualities were really outstanding.

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Beautiful and peaceful setting, somewhat secluded, lovingly furnished patio with a cozy ambience. The meal was very good - astonishing pinapple and vegetables and another Thai pig meat meal. It was a little over a year ago, so this check is too later. Used to love the comforts of Burma. Beautiful Burmesian style eatery in a peaceful road but near the highway.

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The dynastic family dream of Than Shwe at the parade at the state celebration

The much-noticed performance of Burma's senior general Than Shwe's Burma regime leader's house in an important role is in some quarters seen as further proof that the older general is founding his own rulerduasty. Kyaing Kyaing, two of her daughter, a grandchild and a favourite grandchild were prominently featured by the state press at last week's closing ceremonies at the Defense Service Academy in Pyinoolwin (formerly known as May Myo), Mandalay Division.

The New Light of Myanmar, a December 13 reporter in the regime's spokesperson, described them as "guests of honor" and gave them more importance in their pictorial reporting than the senior members of the Burmese army rule such as Gen Thura Shwe Mann, and Secretary-1, Lt-Gen Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Oo.

It did not say whether the junta's number two, Vice General Maung Aye, was present at the rally. Than Shwe's relatives showed "First Lady" Kyaing Kyaing on a couch next to grandchild Nay Shwe Thway Aung. Her daughters Dewar Shwe and Khin Pyone Shwe and grandchild Aye Thida Shwe were seated on separated divan.

The paper's story did not reveal whether Than Shwe, Than Shwe's daugther, whose lavish marriage two years ago caused contempt and indignation in Burma and the world. The New Light of Myanmar's closing celebration reporting banned an image of Shwe Mann, Burma's Chief of Staff and Special Operations Coordinator, Army, Navy and Air Force.

An image of Tin Aung Myint Oo was given an even less important place in the newspaper's reporting. The Economist Intelligence Unit appoints Shwe Mann as successor to Than Shwe, but Tin Aung Myint Oo, who has longer years of service, is becoming a serious contender. Burmese commentators interpret their stance in The New Light of Myanmar's account of Than Shwe's family's closing celebration and significance as a token of insecurity about the order of the warlords.

People of Burma, who recall the reign of the deceased Ne Win, point out that members of his extended household kept away from important state positions, even though he had his favourites like Sandar Win's aunt. "Than Shwe reveals his intent to found a new Burma ruling junta by demonstrating his members of the Belorussian government," said Thakin Chan Tun, a former Myanmar official.

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