Shwe Dream

The Shwe Dream

Take a look at Bo Thingyan's business profile on Shwe Dream and see work history, memberships and more. See the COM Application Details page for information about the SHWE DREAM. is a trademark of Smart Dreams Inc. Ne Win's era was finally over - and Than Shwe's era was just beginning. Than Shwe apparently had the idea for the tower in his dream.

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Smart Dreams Inc. applied for this trade name on 07.07.2016 for goods and service of the 038 Communications group. They can use our Watch Service to investigate possible violations. Simply type in your required query in our research tools and then click on the icon "Convert this query to a wristwatch".

SHWE DREAM.COM was submitted on 07.07.2016, and its present statute is ABANDONED-FAILURE TO RESPOND OR LIATE ASPONSE. If a trade mark is still outstanding, it is finally released for filing an objection.

Classifying information

Smart-Dreams Inc. SWE DREAM.COM branded site for Smart Dreams Inc. in Pflugerville, TX, 78660. Make a comment about a specific SHWE DREAM.COM name. Or you can apply to the proprietor Smart Dreams Inc. of the SHWE DREAM.COM trade mark by submitting a petition for communication with the legal correspondence for the licencing, use and/or issues in connection with the SHWE DREAM.COM trade mark.

Thursday, July 7, 2016, Smart Dreams Inc. in Pflugerville, TX 78660, submitted a US U.S. trade mark application for SHWE DREAM.COM. USPTO has given the brand SHWE DREAM .COM the number 87095597. Present state of this trade mark application is LET - INFRINGMENT OF REACTION OR Delayed REACTION.

and the SHWE DREAM .COM correspondence is by SMART DREAMS INC. 900 E. PECAN ST. #300-222, PFLUGERVILLE, TX 78660 . SHWE DREAM.COM is registered in the Communication Services section. USPTO's SHWE DREAM.COM provided documentation for the USPTO is webcasting.

Brand Description:The brand is made up of the SHWE symbol in stylised capitalised, yellowness with S. The brand is made up of the following letters: SHWE. Under SHWE, the sentence DREAM is also in the stylised characters, in pure black, with capitalisation. DREAM is slightly to the right. The room next to the words contains a stylised contour of a birds.

The remainder of the bodily part extends to the right with his forehead and throat next to the SHWE praem. On the right of the tip of the lower piano is the phrase.COM in stylised lettering, all in lower case. Latest Applicant/Owner:Smart Dreams Inc. and the USPTO makes this information available to the general population so that individual persons can find proprietary information for IP, similar to how a shire could provide proprietary information for immovable properties.

As our website is synchronised with the USPTO information, we suggest that you make changes to the information directly with the USPTO. When the USPTO information is refreshed, our website is automatically up-dated. These guidelines allow to specify the rights of authenticated brand owners: I' m a correspondent: SMART DREAMS INC. The Applicant has not provided the USPTO with a statement of use.

LegalForce Network allows you to have your brand registered in over 170 different markets around the globe. The LegalForce Network can help you to set up a company around your brand SHWE DREAM.COM in less than 5 mins. LegallyForce - #1 US trade mark application from 2010 until today. Present brand status: Correspondents search: NAING, KYAW is a SHWE DREAM.COM brand journalist.

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