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The Dear Life (Short Story) Summary & Study Guide contains detailed chapter summaries and analyses, quotes, character descriptions, topics and more. " The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" tells the story of the aging Walter Mitty on a journey to the city with his overpowering wife, Mrs. Mitty. The story leads the reader to a carnival show and "one of those pale things floating in drinking plasma". Heading Short Story Summary Heading.

A very short summary of the story for Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time.

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Well-known for his short, concise way of typing, Ernest Hemingway briefly and pessimistically describes a war-strategy. "The protagonist, an US military man who was wounded abroad, is never mentioned. He is in care at an Italien clinic in Padua and fell in sweet affection with his sister Luz.

She is a very beloved nursing woman who works more than she has to, but is adored by all people. Sitting on the rooftop at nocturnal hours, the private and Luz choose to get remarried as their relationship increases. Since they can't get really married in Italy, they choose to get married in America as soon as he has a work.

At the end of the fighting, he returned home to find work. They want her to come immediately, but finally decided that she will come back to America later, after he has established himself and is able to care for her. Its sole function is to work so that they can get hitched.

Now that the private has come back to America, Luz has an fling with an ltalian maj. Writing to her US affection, she explains that she would not marry him because her relation was only a youthful "boy and girl" bond and she now knows true it. However, the story ends with the fact that Luz neither marries the Italians nor ever gets it from the US guy who gets gonorrhoea from a saleswoman with whom he is sharing a cab - a suddenly undetermined ending that unveils Hemingway's obscure vision of relations and privacy.

Like so many of Hemingway's scripts, the main figure in "A Very Short Story" is an US military man. When this happens, the European military man is injured and fell in loving the nursing staff at a Padua clinic. Following a brief and impassioned affair, the military man and nursing staff want to marry Luz "so that they cannot loose the treasure they have found", but in the course of the conflict there is "not enough spare manpower" to carry out the wedding ceremonies well.

But when the military returned to the front, Luz wrote to him, but he did not receive her deeds until after the truce. In the aftermath of the conflict, the two make a plan for him to settle in America and then pursue it. He wants Luz to come home immediately so that they can get hitched, but she persists in wait and they argue.

He goes to America, while Luz opens a clinic in Pordenone, a city in Italy. One of the battalions based there makes a great deal of affection for her and pledges to marry her; Luz, who "had never known an Italian before", is wiped away on an emotional level and abandons her ties with the US soldiers by telling him that "she was just a boys' and girls' affair".

" This story ends with a bitterness. She never againars the news about the US military man who shortly afterwards gets gonorrhoea from a mistress. Scripted in 1924 and released in the United States a year later as part of the short story compilation In Our Times, "A Very Short Story" is an effort by Hemingway to make his own failed connection with a nursing student, whom he meets in Milan, fictional.

Obviously the forerunner of his later masterwork A Farewell to Arms, the story takes up topics that many of his works have in common. What do they have in common? A Farewell to Arms? The focus is on the senselessness of charity in battle and the isolating of the lost generation. It' s important that there is no dialog in history; under the conditions of time, the community between people cannot evolve in every deep.

It all begins in Padua, Italy, when a military man (who has no name anywhere) recovers from an apparently wounds with the help of his sister Luz, who has also become his mistress. She prepares the soldiers for the operation and then divides his beds during his recovery, a fact known to most other inpatients.

Even though the two want to get married, there is no chance until the soldiers return to the front. Upon re-admission, the two agree that Luz will stay in prison while the military man goes back to the United States to find a work. It' s arranged that the soldiers neither drinks nor reestablishes their old friendship in America.

However, the two fight in the Padua to Milan move and the military respawn. From Genoa, the female military woman goes back to America by ferry and Luz goes to Pordonone, where she opens a clinic. There is an ltalian military force based in Pordonone, and Luz finds an official with whom she makes it.

She' s never known an ltalian before, and soon she wrote to her US military in Chicago to tell him that her affection was just a "boys and girls affair". Luz says she still likes him, but it's just "boy and girlie love". "In the end, the great ltalian Luz does not get married, and she never gets an answer from the soldiers she had cured.

Rather than the fact that Private Luz gets married and lives happy for life, the story ends with the soldiers seeing another woman - a saleswoman giving him gonorrhoea while driving through Lincoln Park in a taxi. The 633-word story is, according to several resources, a fictional report about Hemingway's brief fling with Agnes von Kurowsky, the twenty-six-year-old female Nurse who made friends with the eighteen-year-old Hemingway while he was recuperating from an explosion in 1919.

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