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Styling tips & tutorials from L'Oréal Paris will take your short hairstyle beyond expectations. Discover short curly hairstyles, short bob hairstyles and more. JLaw's choppy blond Bob is one of our most popular short hairstyles. JLo's shoulder-skimming style is still long enough for short hair-a-phobes. Be inspired by these prominent pixie cuts and short hairstyles.

Best 32 short hairstyles

Lily Cole dropped her characteristic pre-Raphaelite, long, fluent, flame-colored coat and rocks a seriously stylish plant of pixies at National Geographic's An Evening of Exploration glitter.

Of Ophelia to Mia Farrow, if ever there was a face that could produce an androgyne harvest, it is Lily Cole's. Having worked on a natural tan buzz cut in the last few month, Kate Hudson is now rockin' the most beautiful blond plant of all times. The next thing you know, Solange has gone and pegged the best blond hairy harvest of pixies we've seen in a long while.

Made by hairdresser Chuck Amos, we feel Solange's new wreath of beard. Scarlett Johansson's androgynous'do gives a short hairstyle immediate glamor. Okay, it could be a hairpiece, but we're all over Winnie Harlow's fairy harvest deed. Agyness Deyn proves that short coat is always suitable for the scarlet rug and swung a Mia Farrow-like plant out of the TV BAFTA.

If we wanted to look like everyone with a blond bobsleigh, a riding crop or a full, newly shaven hair, it would be Cara. Whitened blond, ultra short harvest of our dream, we like every'do Zoe Kravitz rock', but this is at the top of our'take to hairdresser' inspection lists.

We were not so sure about the tuffy finishing when we saw Anne Hathaway shaving her head in Les Miserables. A slim metamorphosis later and Anne's harvest is set for the rhodium. Short, smooth and curly under, Cate Blanchett's bobsleigh is fancy AF. We always try to remove Audrey Hepburn's characteristic microfringes.

Elizabeth Debicki's harvest is the right way to work on the wind-swept look. Jennifer Lawrence's awesome little girl's harvest, keeping things chaotic and texturing a la Jennifer Lawrence for hairdos that look epoxy every day without doing anything. Short-sleeved brunettes meet up with a platform blond icecream for Katy Perry's latest ramble into short coat.

Like Lupita, short coat your short coat of nature with a ribbon in printlike pattern. Isn' there a look Madonna can't take? Contemporary Audrey Hepburn, Maggie Gyllenhaal's harvest is the embodiment of ingenuity. Grab a mythical roll of movie and give it an icons haircut and you have Natalie Portman's Post-V For Vendetta PSP.

Even short haired bristles can be curled, Ruth Negga looks more stylish than Chelyb. Whenever we outgrow our hairdos, we see Sienna Miller's bobsled and immediately we want to cut everything off again. I don't care if it's a woman's wife. Girls can make a harvest.

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