Shibaozhai Temple

Temple of Shibaozhai

It is one of the largest wooden temples, red pavilion built on the side of the rock and has nine floors. Old temple on the summit of Shibaozhai: On the summit of Shibaozhai there is an old temple called Ganyu Palace. The Shibaozhai temple lies precariously on the cliffs of the banks of the Yangtze, its bright red facade is immediately recognizable during the journey. Shibaozhai was built in the Ming Dynasty and consists of a gate, a pavilion and a temple.

The Shibaozhai Temple - 10 facts

The Shibaozhai is a small, 200 meter high mound on the bank of the Yangtzei. There is a well-known crimson gazebo on the side of the mound that forms the gate to the temple at the top of the mound. 4 ) The pavillon has 9 storeys and is built without pins.

7 ) Inside the gazebo there are stelae and epigraphs of past rulers on each level. It' much simpler to get to Shibaozhai now. 9 ) The temple at the top is a Taoist temple devoted to the Mansjuri. 10 ) There were two interesting characteristics of Shibaozhai temple: the duck fountain at the top of the hills.

According to tradition, you can throw a canard into the well and it will appear again in the Yangtze. According to tradition, every single working person gets to eat and drink from the small well. The Shibaozhai Temple on the Yangtze River Cruise, shown on the 15-day The Land of Nine Dragons Tour.

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Sibayozhai ( "simplified Chinese": ???; pinyin: schí ??? shhài; literally: "The" Stone Fortress") is a mound on the banks of the Yangtze Sea in Zhong County, Chongqing, China. It is a rugged, cliffy hillside with extreme slopes and is about 200 metres (660 feet) high. There is a pavillion on the side of the mound that faces the side of the mound and provides a path to the temple at the top of the mound.

It is one of the biggest temples, with nine storeys and a reddish pavillon on the side of the crag. There is a yellowness entry at the foot of the pavillon. On the top of Shibaozhai is a three-storey building devoted to Manjusri during the rule of the Xianfeng Emperor (1850-1861), the so-called Purple Rain Pavilion.

The nine-storey gazebo next to the rock was built in 1819 to make it easier for the climb. Before the building of the temple, the temple was lifted up with a chain system. Three more floors were added to the top of the building in 1956[1] At the top of the podium there is a buddhistic temple.

A series of merchants' stands are located at the foot of the mound along the banks of the riverbank, following the road from the harbour to the entry of the gazebo. Shibaozhai is visited by many of our cruisers for a few long hrs, so that our guests can visit the shelter. The building of the Three Gorges Dam would have been the basis of the German Federal Government's German government's German government's proposal to build the three canyons.

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