Shell Albian Village

The Shell Albanian village

Wellcome to CNRL Albian Village. The large hotel complex was built to meet the demand of Shell Albian Camp north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Project-Profile: Workers Housing Albian Village The Albian Village is an award-winning multi-purpose plant designed to meet the demand for petroleum sandsmen in a flourishing world. This complex comprises a main centre with accommodation for 2,460 persons for managers and craftsmen. Included in the main buildings are a gym, a runway, a training area, a conference room, a 1,100-person dinning room, a relaxation area with simulated courses and a 400-person lounging area.

Sleeping rooms are linked to the main structure by raised, closed corridors that are indispensable in northern Alberta, where winter can be hard and temperatures as low as minus 30° C. The rooms are located on the ground floor. Each bedroom has an own map entry. All 1,980 rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV s, each room with broadband TV, broadband TV, phone and 1 4-inch-bed.

Every craftsmen's room has a washstand and shared a bathroom and bathroom with another one. There are 480 executive rooms with private bathroom, queen-size bed, seating and work area as well as a seperate recreation and practice room. Each room is covered with carpet and has specific acoustic improvements for noise reduction.

A high level of safety has been taken into account with hotel-like encryption keys for each storey and each area. Combining rod and module design under the rough circumstances of the north of Alberta used cost-saving plant engineering and production hall production and QA procedures.

Albian Jackpine Village Shell Canada - Portfolio

The large hotel complex was built to satisfy the needs of Shell Albian Camps, just south of Fort McMurray, Alberta. HIP was commissioned by Clark Builders to head their desgin group for the design/build contract that they won with their module enclosure partners Atco Structures. Clark was in charge of supplying the main supporting kernel.

It comprised a gym, a gym, a gym, a kitchen for 1000 people per session, a dinning room, common rooms, a theater, and various multimedia areas. It was designed as a two-storey construction to provide 15 additional footbridges to the various enclosures around the city. It was one of the main requirements of the project to make it as flexible as possible in order to allow as much pre-production as possible outside the construction site.

Shell and its suppliers supported this project, which has significantly enhanced the lives of the warehouse employees.

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