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She is an US porno actor, grown-up girl, strippers and gym models of Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Indian blood. She did her unique artwork and pierced at the 2009 NPC Border States Classic XXX Figure Championship. She began her porno carreer in 2010 at the mature stage of 41 years, mainly because of her work as an extravagant singer.

She' s a professional make-up and hairdresser and also works as a gym-teacher. She is a ripe shaper with a tightened torso, unusual breast shapes, browned skin, large clit and more or less male facelines. It has a "mons veneris" shell ring and a scripted Tatto on her right hand but perhaps her most distinctive feature is a series of ribbon or staple-like ink on the back of her throat, over the length of her spinal column, matched by shell rings.

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