Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham Characters

Shork-girl of Kelly Bingham characters

This is Shark Girl Summary & Study Guide. Swiftly known as "Shark Girl", Jane loses her arm to a shark while swimming on a local beach near her Santa Clarita house. It' a young novel in verse that tells the story of 15-year-old Jane Arrowood, who goes swimming on a Californian beach in June, is attacked by a shark and has to have her right arm amputated.

And Jane is a girl who's in high high school.

And Jane is a girl who's in high-school. She had a love for the arts, participated in her competitions at schools and always won first place. After Jane's hand was bitten off, she became really obstinate. And Jane is hating the wrong kind of wrist he's got. However Jane really didn't want all the liking tickets and cathedrals from folks she didn't know.

This Jane is so awkward with everything. Jane Arrowood is the protagonist in Shark Girl. Your acquaintances are Rachel, Max, Angie and Justin. They all began when Jane wanted to hurry to the shore. The next thing she knew, she was in the shark attack. When she was home for a while, she began to cook again and tried to paint, but she did not tell or show it to her mother and her other.

she hated her... she recalled how many drawings he asked for, so she gave him one. He has a thing for Max at boarding college, and he's giving her a ride. At the end Jane realised that she must and is lucky.

She is assaulted by a shark and is alive. and she learnt everything without her.

Shark-girl Summary & Study Guide

The Shark Girl Overview & Study Guide contains extensive information and analyses to help you understanding the work. Included in this in-depth review are topics for discussion about Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham. "Kelly Bingham's Shark Girl" is a novel about a girl who gets her arms cut off in a shark raid.

When Jane awakes from her compassion, after her right hand is removed, she has to learn everything she once knew, because she is always wondering why this is happening to her. "Shark-girl " is a strong and moving story that divides Jane's inner and external battles as she prepares for her new live with just one hand.

When Jane was assaulted by a shark while she swam on the shore, her right hand is removed and she is in a nasty state. While Jane has hated all the publicity she has received since a tape of the assault was replayed on the air, she wants everyone to just let her go.

The amputee sends Jane several messages from other people, but she has no desire to be an inspiring tale, and sometimes she desires she would have passed away. Jane's relatives and boyfriends come to see her in the clinic, and everyone says she's fine, but she just doesn't feel useful and desires to acknowledge that she's a sham.

She is desperate about the fact that she must never paint again, so she starts to practice underhand. They become acquainted with Justin, a younger child whose legs have been removed, in physiotherapy, and they are spending a great deal of quality material together. Then Jane speaks to Mel, a hospital-appointed shrink who says she should be upset.

She is beginning to wonder if she could have a careers in medicine because she wants to make a distinction, as so many physicians have done for her. If it' s Jane's turn to go home, she's scared because she should be here, but she won't do.

When Jane comes home, she gets uncomfortable with all the things she can't do, and she hate the way every night she gets out of the shelter. But she can't see her animals' faces properly. She will be adapted for an artificial limb and will learn to use it.

She' s angry about Michael' s immunity when he makes her cut the grass, but she' s also happy that she's being given normal treatment for a while. When Jane is anxious to go back to college, she hate how her schoolmates are staring at her. When Grandma voices her concerns that Jane no longer does cooking or drawing, Jane is forced to complete some tasks and realizes that she can't always count on Mama doing everything for her.

Nevertheless Jane keeps painting, because something will not be right in her until she can. As mum gets bogged down in intercourse, Jane has trouble making herself supper, but she is proud of herself and knows that next night will be much simpler. When Jane is dancing excitedly through her room, she at last paints a chestnut with genuine gazes.

Max, a kid she's in love with, drives her home from college, but when Angie Jane says that Max is out of her class and constantly criticizing her, Jane decided she's done with Angie. And Jane is amazed that her arm amputates and becomes part of her.

When Rachel tries to persuade Jane to make up with Angie, Jane apologises after noticing that Angie was just trying to save her from injury. Justin receives a painting of his puppy on his birthdays, but Jane knows that she won't see him for a long while because they both go on with their own life.

Disputing with herself that the assault is her own doing, Jane decided that she does this to herself. Browse through her father's old scrapbooks before he dies of crab, Jane realises that the key to living is to celebrate your liberty, not to know what will come next.

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