**spspan class="mw-headline" id="Geschichte">Geschichte[edit]>> In the nineteenth centuary a skewer of piled sliced meats was grilled in Ottoman Turkey and cut off during cooking[9][10] This is doner kebabs, the source of swarma, Mexico's Taco al priest and Greece's sausages. Chawarma is an Arabian rendition of the Turkic ├ževirme[t?evi??me]'turning', which refers to the rotating rotisserie[11] The Turkic and Grecian titles, doner and gyro, also relate to the turning.

The chips are sliced from the flesh ingot for service and the rest of the flesh ingot is cooked on the rotary barb. You can serve Shawarma on a platter (usually with side dishes), or as a kind of wafer or topping. The Shawarma is usually consumed with tabouleh, fat toush, tabourot, tomatoes and onions.

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