The Shantou

The Shantou is located in the southeast corner of East Asia, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Shantou, (??; Shàntóu), in local dialect known as Swatow, is a coastal city and special economic zone in the Guangdong province of China.

for Shantou: Shantou, city in the east of Guangdong sheng (province), southern China.

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Zhengguo Temple, Renmin Place, Shantou Survey.... Shantou, formerly romanticized as Swatow[2] and sometimes also known as Santow[3], is a prefectural town on the east shore of Guangdong, China, with a combined resident base of 5,391,028 inhabitants (as of 2010) and an administration area of 2,064 km2 (797 km2).... Shantou, a town of importance in China's 19th-century histories as one of the major contracting harbours for West commerce and commerce, was one of China's native SEZs set up in the eighties, but did not flourish in the way towns such as Shenzhen, Xiamen and Zhuhai did.

Shantou University, which is a member of Project 211, is the home of the Shantou University. Shantyou was a fishermen' part of Tuojiang Du (???), Jieyang County during the Song-Dynasty. Shantou belonged to Chenghai County in Chao Prefecture (Chaozhou) in 1563. Shantou was already referred to as Shashanping in 1574 (???).

During the 17th centuries a gun deck named Shashantou cannon (?????) was built here, and the place name was later abbreviated to "Shantou". The highest summit of the municipality is Mount Dajian (???) on Nan'ao Island with 587 meters (1,926 ft); the highest mountain on the geographical continent is Mount Lianhua (???) with 562 meters (1,844 ft) in the Chenghai District.

Situated at the mouth of the Han, Rong (??) and Lian rivers. The Shantou has a wet sub-tropical climatic (Köppen Cwa) influence of the monsun, with brief, moderate to temperate winters and long, wet, hot summers. Shantou has a good temperate environment. From 28% in March to 58% in July and October, the average percentage of possible solar radiation per month is 1,979 hrs of light per year.

The Shantou is a prefectural town. In 2003, the Haojiang County was formed from the combined Hepu and Dahao Counties, and the Jinping Shengping and Jinyuan Counties; Waisha and Xinxi Town, part of the former Chenghai Town, were amalgamated into Longhu County; Chenghai City became Chenghai County; Chaoyang city was split into Chaoyang and Chaonan Counties.

Shantou's business is mediocre by Guangdong standard. By 2017, the Shantou GDP figures analysed are around 230 billion yuan (USD 35.4 billion). Hakka, commonly known as Half-Hakka (???), also exist, mainly in the Chaoyang District and Chaonan District, although they talk Teochev and practice the Teochev civilization on a regular base.

The Mandarin Media Educational System enables most individuals, especially the younger generation, to be fluent in Mandarin. Government stats show that 2.16 million foreign nationals have their origins in Shantou, with significant Teochev population groups living in Thailand and Cambodia, representing a Thai minority and a Cambodian population.

The exceptionally high number of non-stop internationals flying between Bangkok and Shantou is an indication of this. Furthermore, every China Southern between Shantou and Bangkok has at least two Teochev talking cabin attendants on the aircraft. Teochev's presences are also present in Singapore and Malaysia; Johor Bahru, a seaside town at its southern tip, is known as Little Swatow because the locals dominate Teochev and are the second biggest group of the locals in Singapore.

The Shantou sharing the same civilization with other Teochev. China Daily[23] says that in Shantou Chinese drinking "more teas than any other in China, a combined 700 million Japanese yuan (87.5 million US dollars) per year". The majority of the Shantou residents is not practicing religion or practicing popular traditions, Buddhism, Daoist rituals or the veneration of deities and forefathers.

24 ] St. Joseph's Catholic of Shantou is the Catholic Diocese of Shantou. Shantou's government operates the Shantou area's municipal clinics. The Shantou Board of Directors coordinates the operation of these clinics and other specialised healthcare institutions. Shantou's power is supplied entirely by China Southern Power Grid, a mail delivery company of China Post.

Before Shantou had its own commercial airfield, the Shantou Waisha Airfield. Formerly it was the major hub of the Shantou until the opening of Jieyang Chaoshan near the Shantou on December 15, 2011. The Shantou Waisha International Airfield has since become a full service base and all commercial air traffic has been moved to the Jieyang area.

Taxi is the common way to get between the airports and the town itself. A shantou shuttles from Downtown Shantou is also recommended. Shantou Airlines Co., Shantou, China Southern Airlines, operates a 15 plane family. Shantou serves three stations: The Chaoshan Station and Chaoyang Station, located on the Xiamen-Shenzhen line, and the Shantou Station, located on the Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou line, will be built for the Guangzhou-Shanwei-Shantou 350 km/h High Velocity Line.

Tropic of Cancer hatches through Mount Centipede, 20 kilometres from the town. The Shantou Gallery (?????; Shàntóu bówùgu?n): The Shantou Foundation Forum (???????; Shàntóu bówùgu?n): Dedicated to the construction of Swatow (Shantou) as a contracted harbour in the nineteenth centuries, not to be mistaken for the Shantou Memorial.

Shantou Metropolis Daily Post and Shantou Special Economic Zone Evening News halted their historic news publishing operations in 2018 and turned into e-newspapers. Meanwhile, the Shantou Daily (Municipal) provides both news publishing and e-newspaper services to Shantou residents and other people. A lot of famous Chinese people come from Shantou or their native country is Shantou.

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