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Burmese cuisine has not received the attention it deserves from all Asian cuisines that have spread across the globe. The Shan cuisine is similar to Northern Thai cuisine. Hnew Tofu is a Shan food and famous in Myanmar. Shan-style tofu is a Burmese staple food and is used in dishes from soup to salad. After you are done, you will also have a traditional dessert Burma - a lacquer tray with tea leaves and inlaid walnuts or a piece of jaggery pot.

Best-Traditional Shan Food (Myanmar) - Review of Wai Wai's Noodle Square, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

I' ve been in Myanmar for 4 month and when it comes to traditional Myanmar food, this is really the place to go. I couldn't find a place in Shan State that goes with the lettuce and noodle. And I especially liked the potato lettuce.

Also the surroundings are great, because it is a rooftop terrace. It is located on the top level of the guesthouse. These critiques are dead on. Shan pasta is tasty and the services are quick with good English. Lovely and peaceful rooftop position, a really nice and charming barmaid, but above all some awesome pasta-meals!

This is one of the best places for shan pasta in Yangon. Leaf lettuce and tomato salad are a must! Request your entry for free to reply to ratings, refresh your account and much more.

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Noodles are one of Myanmar's most popular dishes. A lot of people in Myanmar like it and I like it too. It' from Shan State, just east of Myanmar. Prior to boiling, place the dry Shan pasta in a suitable pan for about 12 h to make it more delicious.

First of all, the meats (chicken or pork) must be cooked with a little bit of salted water, a little bit of salted water and powdered chickens for 30 mins. Then the cooked chickens should be taken out of the fire to kill it. Afterwards, the chickens are sliced into a small appropriate area. Then we have to boil these little chickens with onions, olive wood and onions.

Pour a proper amount of salted, prepared seafood sauces, poultry powders into it. The tips of the onions should also be chopped off. This three step prepares you for the preparation of shan noodles that look like lettuce. Can you eat lettuce? Cook the pasta and add the dry pasta for only 3 mins.

Then take the pasta and put it in a dish. 2. then you can water a spoonful of poultry jam, lightweight soy gravy, crushed peanuts and seeds, sliced onions. When you need flavour, you can mix in some seasoning with a little bit of seaweed, seafood gravy and powdered chickens. Now you can assiduously enjoy your Shan noodles and can have more than one plate/shell.

Remark: Some people had it by adding chickensoup. You can simply add poultry stock to your lettuce (shan noodle) if you wish.

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