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Shian State (North) the limits used on this card do not imply official approval or acceptance by the. The map shows the total number of incidents in certain districts. The'peace roadmap' is an alternative to the government's plan. Complete, download or edit the Kayah State Map in Myanmar online. A map of the planned dams at the source of the Namtu River:

Random arrests of two village people by Burma Border Guard Force in Mong Yawng, East Shan State

From March 13 to 18, 2017, two village inhabitants were randomly detained by Burmese border guards (BGF) in Mong Yawng in East Shan State. At 8 pm on 12 March, a group of BGF-No. In 1008 came to the home of Loong Narn Oon, 54 years old, in Wan Htin, Wan Tap Trakt, Murng Yawnghood.

Busting his home and going through his doors, they couldn't find him. Forces continued their search for Loong Narn Oon and found him in Wan Pann Abbey, two leagues southward of Wan Htin, around 1 a.m. on 13 March. He was taken to the Burma Army Battalion 335 in the city of Mong Yawng.

There, they questioned him and blamed him for levying tax on Shan forces. On March 16 at 11 pm, several BGF forces went to his home in Wan Ho Yang, just south of Wan Pann, to detain another of his villagers, 48-year-old Sai Noi Sarng Hseng. He was taken to the Mong Yawng Battalion 335 station, but fortunately his family and the head of the villagers followed him to the station, and after assuring him that he was only a peasant and not a member of an armoured Shan group, they were able to secure his freedom at 4pm on March 17th.

The BGF arrested Sai Noi Sarng Hseng and took Loong Narn Oon with them. When the BGF could find no proof that Loong Narn Oon was connected to the Shan forces on March 18, he was set free and sent home. He found out that 20 million kyats of cash and valuable items had been plundered from his home.

He had been murdered two years previously by Burmese LIB 573 forces at his home.

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