Sg to Myanmar Exchange Rate

SB to Myanmar Exchange Rate

Took a few money changers at Bedok and most don't even have a supply. Hello brothers, I just got back from Myanmar and wanted to change their currency back to SGD. Is the airport exchange rate good? The best Euro to Singapore Dollar Exchange Rate today for your foreign currency transfers. If the currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar, the unit is identified by the symbol $, SG$ or SGD.

Yangon Currency,Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

You' ll need some money for the cab if you look around Yangon and near Yangon. Use the following procedure to verify exchange rates: 1 US Dollar (USD) = 816 Kyats. EUR 1 (euro) = 1067.22 Kyats. GBP (British Pound) = 1295.44 Kyats.

MYPY 1 (Japanese yen) = 10.03 kyats. CNY (China Yuan) = 129.36 Kyats. {\a6}1 THB (Thailand Baht) = 3.8 Kyats. MasaIaIa Ringgit (1 MYR) = 265.46 Kyats. I BDT (Bangladesh Taka) = 10.31 Kyats. One SGD = 647.96 Kyats. One AED ("Dirhams" UAE) = 222.16 Kyats. KRW 1 (South Korea won) = 0.7170 Kyats.

CHF 1 (Switzerland francs) = 888.3 Kyats. AUD1 = 839.33 Kyats. One CAD (Canadian dollar) = 817.7 Kyats. MNN1 ('Mexican Pesos') = 62.59 Kyats. HKD 1 (Hong Kong dollar) = 105.07 Kyats. A ZAR (South African Rand) = 103.2 Kyats. For the Philippine Pesos: 1 PHP = 19.01 Kyats.

One KWD (Kuwait Dinars) = 2935 Kyats. One VND = 0.392 kyats. RUB 1 (Russia ruble) = 27.51 Kyats. IDR ("Indonesian Rupees") = 0.088 Kyats. INR (India Rupees) = 15.90 Kyats. SEK1 PKR (Pakistani Rupees) = 9.004 Kyats. Shri Lanka Rupees (LKR) = 6,493 Kyats.

Please note: This information is derived from the Yangon Dollar market.

Singapur Dollar 1981-2018 Dates Chart Calendar Forecast

USDSGD fell 0.0009, or 0.07%, to 1.3562 on Monday, July 9, from 1.3571 on the last trad. The Singapore dollar hit an all-time high of 2.31 in September 1985 and a historic low of 1.20 in August 2011. This enables customers to access our real-time business calendars, update subscriptions and access million series of historic information.

USDSGD cash rate indicates how much one dollar, the US dollar, is currently valuable compared to the other, the SGD. As the USDSGD cash rate is noted and swapped on the same date, the USDSGD forward rate is noted today, but for supply and payments on a certain date in the near term.

The Singapore Dollar site offers current figures, historic dates, forecasts, charts, stats, business calendars and more. Singapore-dollar - current dates, historic graph and publication schedule - was last revised in July 2018.

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