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Creole, also known as Creole, is the French Creole language of the Seychelles. Creole is a Seychelles language. Sidechellois synonyms, Seychellois pronunciation, Seychellois translation, English dictionary definition of Seychellois. The Seychelles definition: from or in relation to the Seychelles | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Somebody from the Seychelles, or Seychellois descent.

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Also known as creol, Seychellois is the French Kreole of the Seychelles. This is the same as English and French (unlike Mauritius and Réunion Créole, which have no formalities in Mauritius and France). Ever since its sovereignty in 1976, the Goverment of the Seychelles has tried to create the Seychelles with its own spelling and encoded terminology by founding Lenstitikreole.

The Creole language, the particular item (derived from the words le, la and les in French) is part of the term, so that "the future" is lavender (as distinct from l'avenir in French). The Îles Éloignées Seychelles in the Plura in Arabic ('the Outer Seychelles') become Zil Elwanyen Sesel in Creole.

Please pay attention to the Zil zip, as les Îles is spoken in French /le.z?il/. D'Offay, Danielle & Lionnet, Guy, Diksyonner Creole - French / Créole Seychellois Dictionary - French.

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