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Sot' temporary border crossing permit extended from one to seven days. The Seven Days Sports is a weekly newspaper published in Burma. Mandalay, Myanmar Women's Day. Seven Day News, the leading commercial newspaper. All of them are now in Pakkoku prison in central Myanmar for seven years.

Newspapers for 7 days

Newspapers are published every single working day, sometimes except Sundays and sometimes Saturdays,..... with 55.7 million people. The Hour Has Seven Days is a disputed CBC TV news magazine that ran from 1964 to 1966. Worried about the show's rapprochement with the news,.... The BBC News website received 40,000 page views per second at daytime peaks.

Over many years, until a great re-design in the 70s, Newsday photocopied the Daily News formats of shorts and many images..... A few days later, Mr Moyer stepped down. 146 days remain until the end of the year.

Burmese workers'pay bribes' to Kanchanaburi officers

Kancanaburi - A Myanmar man detained for contrabanding immigrant Myanmarese into Thailand charged officers at the Ban Pu Nam Ron-Htee Ki crossing and many Chinese police officers with taking bribes from his mob. This man, who was only known as Win, was on the way to a Kanchanaburi pick-up with travelling baggage on a major highway in Muang County, about 4 km from the check point, when he was stopped on a nearby army highway to stop traffic in humans and take action against cross-border visas.

However, he showed documents that had been exhibited by the migration authorities at Ban Pu Nam Ron check-point, which authorised his arrival and departure. Mr Win supposedly admitted to pay the immigrant policemen at the check-point and the municipal policemen so that he could sneak 40 to 50 immigrant labourers from Myanmar to Thailand or from Thailand to Myanmar every single working days.

Mr Win, who claims to be a member of the Karen National Union, said he stepped across the frontier and crossing it at least twice a working day. 2. Said he had charged all policing stations along the major highway from the check point to the provincial community 1,000 bahts per journey plus 6,000 bahts per months for the use of illegally registered cars.

and the Kanchanaburi Sai Yok area. He said a more than 2,000 Bahts were also given to a regional administration bureau for each journey. "Every immigrant must afford 3,200 Bahts to obtain a passport that allows him to remain in Thailand for seven days," Mr Win said.

Accusing immigrant officers of using the so-called non-Thai identity documents that have been given to immigrant labourers under the junta's labor migration policy.

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