Setse Beach Myanmar

Sets Beach Myanmar

It' s very wide with brown sandy beach and one of the most famous beaches in Myanmar. It' s a very wide, brown sandy beach that tends towards the Wadden Sea at low tide. Casuarinas wave along the beach. Ssetse is a seaside resort on the Gulf of Martaban in the Andaman Sea in Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State, in southern Myanmar. Anybody been to Setse lately?

Excursion to Setse Beach (near Mawlamyaing)

Myanmar has many sights. Situated 80 km southwards of Mawlamyaing, Mon State and about 10 hour driving from Yangon. Situated 24 km from Kyaikkami and 16 km southwards from Thanbyuzayat in Mon State in the Bay of Mottama. It' s very broad with one of Myanmar's most famous sandy beach.

There are several attractions on the beach, such as the long sandy stripes and casualinas. There is a broad beach, but the waters are not clear. During low water you can go along the beach to the small sanctuary on the rock at the north end. Situated at Setse Beach is a long beach, but there is no near town.

Setse beach is beautiful in November to April, but it rains heavily during the monsun. They can make a full excursion from the town. Setse Beach can be reached from the city of Manlamyaing by car or bus. Approx. 50,000 Kyats at a personal fee, subject to your negotiating skill.

If you are travelling by mass transit, take one of the busses going southwards from the city of Mawalamyaing or one of the small busses or delivery trucks going between the cities of Mislamyaing and Thanbyuzayat. You can also go to Win Sein Taw Ya, the biggest lying Buddha picture in the whole wide area.

Sets beach

Mawlamyine' s most popular beach resort is Setse. Up until recently, the miles of sandy beaches lined with cassuarines were only a small area. Now, with accommodations for expatriates, nosy visitors and means of transportation that provide easy accessibility, Setse Beach offers a little change from the historic and culture attractions of Mawlamyine. on Skyscanner.

The 21 Paradise Hotel in residential design has chosen a picturesque and quiet location towards the north end of Setse. This long beach is bordered by two cliffs. To the north, near paradise, is crowned by a wave-washed washbasin. In Setse you can savour the best of both worlds: savour the taste of the area and relax with picnic teams in the beach caf├ęs in the bustling centre of the beach, or have a pool in the Paradise pool while enjoying an uninterrupted seawalk.

Paradise would be a good place to relax for a days or two and a good starting point to discover the surroundings, as well as Yele and the various places of Thanbyuzayat and Mudon. To get to the airport, take a look at the fare of taxis at the airport - you will have to spend 50 to 60 dollars, according to your negotiation skill and whether you want to plan stops along the way.

To get around by car, take one of the uncommon busses that run just to the south of Mawlamyine (e.g. Dawei) or just get on one of the small busses that run between the province capitol and Thanbyuzayat. They often leave and are not very convenient, but they are great to enjoy in a relaxed area.

There are many motorcycles from the center of Thanbyuzayat that will take you about 20 kilometers to Setse for 4,000-5,000kyats. Sethse is located about 20 kilometers northeast of Thanbyuzayat, which in turn is 60 kilometers northeast of Mawlamyine. Please be aware that Setse has nice days between November and April, but during the month it is quite rainy and breeze.

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