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Myanmar Setse Beach Hotel

For an overview of Setse Hotels, see the following section. Cheap hotels near Set Se Beach, Mawlamyine. The Geographical Location - Beach Resort. GoldĀ Beach Luxurious Guest House. Return to Mawlamyine and transfer to your hotel.

22 Paradise hotel reviews, Setse Beach, Thanbyuzayat, Mawlamyine

There are a number of one- and two-storey detached houses in a large swimming pools surrounding a large private area. Until recently, Setse was very limited to domestic attendees and while they are now expanding their attractiveness to accommodate the new flow of overseas attendees, they do not yet await the arrival of internationally recognized conventions.

Rooms have no decorations but are otherwise light-coloured, breezy, roomy and well equipped, with A/C, CATV, refrigerator, hot showers, private bath, convenient bedding and even WiFi - although it was not unexpectedly ropy in such a secluded place. You have a good selection of eating areas with a nice laid out beachfront restuarant as well as table and chair around the swimming pools and gardens.

We' re thinking they're just not used to visiting from abroad yet. The further away from the beach there are about eight lines of houses, with falling fares. 2-bed standardUS$32US$32Back tier. 42-$52, Superb doubleUS$80US$80Garden views. Outstanding beach front: $90. Regular doubleroom, low season: US$32, high rate US$32. Notes:

Separate en-suite bathrooms with three times A/C, low season: US$63, high rate US$63. Notes: Supior twin room, low season: US$80, high rate US$80. Views of the garden. Outstanding beach front: $90. Familiy room, low season: US$240, high rate US$240.

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Setse, near Thanbyuzayat. - Yamamam Message Board

Setse, near Thanbyuzayat. Hi Myanmar mates. Anybody been to Setse lately? Setse, near Thanbyuzayat. Hello Sank05, Setse Strand is only a sight-seeing and full days excursion from Mawlamyine. It is not possible to go swimming on the Setse beach. They can get clean beach breezes, as well as individual parts, fried food. You can go to the military cemetery in Thanbyuzayat.

Setse, near Thanbyuzayat. Thank you for your help. Setse, near Thanbyuzayat. Setse, near Thanbyuzayat. There' s the old and wellestablished Ngwe Moe GH for $20 per room and now the new Paradise Hotel for $40 per time. So I decided not to remain, because the area was polluted and the beach was not so beautiful.

Well, the lodges are in the middle of something. Setse, near Thanbyuzayat. Hello, I'm interested in reading your article about Setse Beach. Setse, near Thanbyuzayat. You may have to sit and watch until you get to Myanmar if you can't find it. I' d like to think that there will be a lot of activity in the middle of the weeks, but on weekends, when many people go to the beach, they might get more work.

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