September Weather in Myanmar

Weather in September in Myanmar

Weather in Myeik, Myanmar in September, average. Moslems in September, and has asked the court to dismiss the case. The correlation with DMH & DOA (Weather & Plant Production) increases. Since Kota Tua has no'authenticity', it is not on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. Customize your weather by entering a location.

Weather in Myanmar in September - Monsoon rain decreases

The monsoon rain begins to subside in September, with a corresponding drop in air moisture and air tempe-rature. The mean temp is still high 29°C (84°F) and it is raining most nights, especially in the afternoons. Since it is just before the end of the rain period, the amount of precipitation decreases slightly. Nonetheless, however, there are still high levels of heat, with daily and overnight averages of 34°C (94°F) and 28°C (82°F) respectively.

Clothes: Please take your own waistcoat and short for the whole outfit. If it rains, take your own raincoats and umbrellas; trousers and a long-sleeved top for the chilly afternoons. Weather conditions remain warm and wet in September, with an 89°F (32°C) mean weather and a precipitation of 6.2 in. There' s lots of sun to enjoy travelling, with 10 solariums.

The Mandalay Mountain is recommended to be climbed on a beautiful sunny outing. You have the possibility to discover a number of cloisters while you ascend the cloister. At night the Su Taung Pyi pit is full of visitors and fans on the Mandalay Mountain plateau. It is said that a tribute to the holocaust on the way up the mountain means a long life.

When you go outside, please be sure to take an Umbrella or Robe with you. Please take a thin layer for the cool nights. September is 33°C (91°F) on a par with August. However, most of the day is overcast and wet, but you can count on some sun. Outside visit can be organised according to weather condition.

Ascend Mount Popa, considered the holiest place in Myanmar for pilgrimages. Apparel: waistcoat, T-shirt, trousers, polo shirts, raincoats, umbrellas, comforters. Precipitation begins to decline from September, but is still at a high 9. 8in. precipitation. It rains most of the day, making September wet and dark.

The mean temperature for days and nights is 30°C (86°F) and 19°C (67°F) respectively. It is recommended that you discover the Shwe Yaunghwe Kyuang Temple, the most frequently visited cloister in the area, so you should take your cameras with you and come and see them in a beautiful afternoons. There are some carvings and gold plated with pictures of mythic creatures, others are on a mound from which you can see the entire Indein Stupa area.

Clothes: thin cloak, trousers, T-shirts, short, raincover, umbrella, casual boots, cap. However, the bathing areas are still shut down due to the instable weather. The majority of September is wet, so air travel is often late or cancelled. Therefore, we do not suggest to visit Ngapali in September. It takes place in a small city named Amarapura near Mandalay and takes one sunday.

About Myanmar in September? The weather is improving constantly as the cold weather is approaching. In September there is a lot of sun for travelling. In addition, the cost of travelling to and from the hotel and flight is still as low as in August. The roads are not very good, as it often is raining.

Please take an Umbrellas or Umbrellas with you when you go outside. Do not forget to use insect repellents, as there are many mosquitos after the rain. Excursions usually begin or end in Yangon or Mandalay.

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