Send Money to Burma

Sending Money to Burma

Whether bank transfers and online transactions, or options that allow recipients to collect their money within minutes, it is easy to send an international money transfer to Myanmar. Pay money to Burma (Myanmar), pay with the Indian Rupee, find the best INR to MMK exchange rate, commissions and fees. I' m gonna need help figuring out how to send some money to a friend in Burma. There is no problem transferring money between Myanmar and the USA. Send money in case of emergency.

Send Money to Myanmar - Myanmar Message Board

Anyone know how to send money from Australia to Myanmar? Due to bank limitations abroad, you can only use Western Union for your own bank account. We just sent our payments to our Myanmar agents. I' found the best way with Western Union. It is the quickest way to make a Western Union transaction.

Best way is Western Union, $30 charge up to $10,000 AUD, and a fair price. So I had to give a bail to my Yangon-based agency and went a little crazy trying to find a way, but it went really well. It' s now July 2015 - I sent money by bank remittance from TD Canada Trust to CB Bank in Myanmar.

It still hadn't reached me after 14 working hours and now TD tells me that the money was in their Global Office and isn't going anywhere. They' re going to send my money back & I' m going to use Western Union instead.

Send Money to Burma

You obviously have no clue what you are speaking of and/or have never sent money from abroad to Burma. in Burma, the so-called'hundi' system, it has been established for over 60 years. it is very easy to use and actually has much more competitively priced than conventional banks/western union art institutes.

The best way to find a safe hunduni rep is probably to get your boyfriend (the recipient) to ask around in their city, find out about the buryan community in the land where you are living, and the name of the group. its very easy and fairly safe. an'ID' code/pen number is given and the individual must show the agent on the grounds in Burma their ID with their full name and bio-data particulars and the ID number to get the money.

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