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Ongoing Projects - Sembcorp Design and Construction

The 413,792 MW (gas) / 333,02 MW (heating oil)(Net) Dual Fuelsired Power generation facilities in Sirajganj, Bangladesh, is a 413,792 MW (Bangladesh) to SEPCOIII (China) gas-fired cogeneration plant that will be built on the Sirajganj site in a dual-fuelired power plant, an EPC project between SDCI (Bangladesh) and SEPCOIII (China).

Comprising 1 GT (gas turbine), 1 GTG (gas turbogenerator ), 1 ST (steam turbine), 1 STG (steam turbogenerator ), 1 HRSG (heat dissipation boiler ), 1 by-pass chimney and 1 chimney for primary air use. The other equipment and structure outside the major energy unit includes a watertreatment and wastewater processing system, solids wastes, stream waters abstraction structure, alternate groundwater wells, refrigeration tower, inspection room, depot, service room, connecting equipment, chemicals and oils depots and other associated building and structure that may be necessary to level the equipment.

In addition to the Changi water treatment plant, which comprises the building of piled bases, steel piles, earthworks, ground stabilisation, mass digging and infill work. Changi East to Effect 3 Operations at Singapore Changi International Airports (Package 2) includes the building of new taxiways and the overlaying of the current runways, drainage, exterior mechanic and electric works, safety fences and outbuildings around the airport's second runway and other support works.

ENGINEING, PURCHASE & CONSTRUCTION of a 225 MW gas-fired cogeneration plant consisting of two GE 6F.03 gasturbine units with corresponding alternators, two HRSG' and one boiler with alternator, two-storey management and monitoring structure, refrigeration towers and outbuildings. The SDC' SDCI (Myanmar) Company Limited & Jurong Engineer (Myanmar) Ltd has established a JV to carry out the work.

Building of Marina South with a three-story subway stop below Marina Boulevard and Central Boulevard with Twin Bored Tunnels to Marina Bay and Cut and Cover Tunnels to Gardens at Bay as well.

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