Sembcorp Myanmar

Myanmar Sembcorp

The Sembcorp Group secures long-term electricity trading in Myanmar. Sign Sembcorp for combined cycle plants Singapore SARM Industries and the Singapore MOE today announced an approval of the construction of Myanmar's biggest natural-gas project in Myingyan in the Mandalay region. The Sempcorp received the contract in April after an initial bidding process and today finalized the deal with the Department of Electrical Energy Planning of the Department of the Department, said DEPP General Manager U Khin Maung Win.

"They' re going to begin construction of the system and we anticipate that we'll begin producing energy in April," he said. At 225 MW total output, the solar energy system will ultimately feed more energy into the domestic network than any other stand-alone gas-fired facility, although it will not immediately be operating at full output, said U Khin Maung Win.

International Finance Corporation, led by the World Bank, assisted the Chinese authorities on the $300 million appraisal study. According to a statement issued by MMID Utilities, Sembcorp will own 80 per cent of the shares, while the subsidiary's domestic shareholder MMID Utilities will own the remainder. Founded in Singapore, MMID belongs to a group of Myanmar based investment companies.

"Saemcrop is delighted to launch this venture, which is our first ever Myanmar venture. Completion of the Myanma Electric Energy Enterprises is scheduled for 2018 under a 22-year electricity purchasing contract granted by the MFA. Sembcorp and the Department have not announced the conditions of the Memorandum of Understanding.

This is being constructed by Sembcorp Myingyan Power Co., which was established specifically for this venture. It will be a mixture of restricted finance and capital, the firm said. Projectfinancing is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2016. This will be one of the first projects to be financed in Myanmar if it is a success.

The IFC website reports that it is considering borrowing up to $45 million to finance the facility. It will be powered by CNG from the China-Myanmar offshore China Gaz Pipe, which runs from Kyaukphyu in Rakhine State to Yunnan State in southwestern China. Myanmar has several gas-fired generating units in use, mainly in the Yangon area.

The pantograph contracts for these ventures were signed between domestic and foreign privately owned enterprises and the federal administration in early 2013. With 180 kWh, the state has one of the smallest per head electricity consumptions in the state. However, this figure is estimated to rise by 15% per year and to almost 1500 kWh per head by 2030, according to the electricity state.

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