Selkirk Rex Shorthair

SELKRKIRK Rex Shorthair

Selkirk Rex is a cat breed with very wavy hair. Selkirk Rex is different from all other Rex breeds. In contrast to Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, the hair is normally long and not partially absent. We have long-haired and short-haired varieties. Selkirk Rex is developed as a large, heavy, boned cat, similar to the British Shorthair in the exterior.

Self-cross Rex - Shorthaired, Longhaired or Variation?

Selkirk Rex is a fairly new race, with the kitty carrying the trait from which it emerged only recently, in 1987. The Selkirk Rex is sometimes described as the" hairless cat" because both have the characteristic, loose curly or ringlet breeds coat.

Other Selkirk Rex monkeys, although still pure-bred, have smooth coat. They are called Selkirk Rex'variants'. How is it possible to have such different looks in the same race? In order to fully comprehend this, we must look at both the race's story and its genetic basis.

1987 a diluted tortoise cat with thick wavy coat, unlike all her litters, came in a male offspring from Montana, USA. Her name was Miss DePesto and she was taken home by a Farsi grower, Jeri Newman, who was interested in genetic and uncommon males. So she became the mothers of a new race.

Several of these catkins have been raised with Persians, exotic and Britisch Shorthair, which are still outcrossed. Selkirk Rex females wore both long and shorter bristles from the beginning. It is therefore not astonishing that it is still possible to find them with different coat length, and both are approved by the most important registers of females, the strain being recognised by TICA in 1994, by the CFA in 2000 and by the GCCF in 2009.

However, if these kitties are raised together, both mum and dad are Cs, but the kitties can be Cs, CC or Cs. CC and Cs catkins have frizzy coat, although in practical use CC or" homozygous" type females have tighter curls and a lighter physique than Cs or" heterozygous" males.

You will still be a Selkirk Rex cat family tree, with the character, physique and other traits of the cattery. You are known as Selkirk Rex'variants'. Any other Rex pussycats got hairy guys? There you have it - the Selkirk Rex is available in short-haired, long-haired and straight-haired sorts.

You can therefore look forward to a wide selection of Selkirk Rex cats. Selkirk Rex breeder are also relatively few and far apart, so you may not have a large selection of cats. Whatever your preference, the Selkirk Rex probably has the casual temper of the outdoor races - the Persian, exotic and British Shorthair.

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