Selkirk Rex Kittens

SELKRKIRK Rex kittens

Kitten Selkirk Rex, for sale, photos of Selkirk Rex cats and kittens and more, Selkirk Rex, information about Selkirk Rex cats, profile. Selkirk Rex Cat Breed: Selkirks are fun-loving, gentle cats with a generous measure of love and affection for their human companions. If you can save a life, why buy a Selkirk Rex kitten? View pictures of Selkirk Rex cats and kittens in rescue operations near you who need a home. It is my special project goal now to produce the strangest Selkirk Rex kittens!

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SELKRKIRK REX kittens to register gccf not actively throwing all curled up. Cute, clunky kittens. Beautiful hair selkirk rex x. Both of the family's pet ancestors can be seen with the kitty. Kitty is good with small kids and other kittens..... We' ve got our sexby-point Selkirk rex girls needs a new home.

Breathtaking and uncommon kittens. Purple feminine and gray masculine. Papa is a family tree selkirk rex and Mama is a limac miniiture selkirk rex. Self-circle Rex kitten, 4 boys all creme and knows, 3 curled and 1 just borne on 24-5-17, available after 23-8-17 is tested, fully inoculated.....

Hello I' ve been selling for sales this beautiful kind, convivial and very sweet Selkirk rex catkin, he is a lavender short haired cat that was born on 29..... SELKRACK: Selkirk Rex, Superb Lines! Selkirk Rex kittens, both male and female. I' ve got a beautiful, meek, blued Selkirk Rex kitty that' s prepared for new willows.

I have over 30 years breedin' expertise and am the creator of the Selkirk Rex in the UK. This kittens are completely treated against feline influenza (herpes and calicivirus), intestine inflammation (FIE), leu..... It is a 5-generation selkirk rex bloodline with champions and bloodline certification.

The selkirk rex and shsh races are very similar, so we can mate them. $150 is the top down cost of a gelding cats.

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Selkirk Rex is different from all other Rex-races. Selkirk Rex was founded in 1987 in Montana, USA, with a whelp of a saved cats. The cattery was raised with a young Negro-Perserkat, who produced three Selkirk Rex and three straight-haired kittens. However, this showed that the genes had an autosomally dominating heredity.

Selkirk Rex all go back to the Miss DePesto cats. The name Jeri Newman was given to the race after her step-father "Selkirk", which made it the first (and currently only) kitten race called after a real one. It' a large and sturdy race, similar to a British Shorthair.

It has a round skull with large round holes, medium-sized hearing and a pronounced snout half the width long.

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