Selkirk Rex Breeders


Here is a list of breeders who are members of the Selkirk Rex Cat Club. A introduction to the Selkirk Rex breed. The Persian breeder Jeri Newman from Montana, who bred them with PhotoFinish of Deekay, a black Persian. A Persian male that produces three Selkirk Rex and three kittens with straight hair. Best Selkirk Rex of the year IW SGC Lamancha Cinnabar by Kitti Kat Black Tortie.

Race profile: Selkirk Rex

Among the newest breed of nature, this of course curled cats comes from a domestic pet, Miss DePesto of Noface, found at an animal home in Montana. Jeri Newman, a Montana-based Farsi grower who raised them with PhotoFinish of Deekay, a dark perser. "Plague " gave birth to three out of six lured cats - which proves that unlike Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, the Plague was the most common one.

Since the genes are dominating, it is possible to give birth to a kitten with curls and hairy cats. Selkirk Rex is designed as a large, weighty, deboned female, similar to the British Shorthair in outdoors. Her curls are fluffy and loose and are more dramatic on the long hair.

Selkirchen are sound and robust. As of the day of childbirth, wavy catkins differ from their straight-haired litters by their wavy hairs. Purple hairs are fragile and can crack during prolonged growth. They do not alter when the kitten gets older; when they are lured at childbirth, they are lured as adults.

Although the fur is less curled later, the cats have the curled genes and retain the curled hair. The best fur for a ripe dog or castrated femal. The best example is where curls are thickest on the sides, stomach and around the throat, with some curls on the back.

A Selkirk has the slightest tendency to warp. There are Selkirk Rexes in two fur lengths: long and long. Nursing the two different fur length is comparable to that of a shorthair or long-hair dress. In both cases, it should be less common to brush if the curled fur is to be preserved.

A shampoo that does not cover the head but gives the head a smooth and clear sensation is the best way to frizz the head. That race is not for the repressed animal husband. SELKRKIRK Rex holders are consequently stoped by those with fearful arms who want to stroke and touch this smooth, fluffy domestic animal.

Selkirk Rexes prices generally depend on the species, the marks and blood lines used, which are differentiated by Grand Champion (GC), National Regional-winning parentage (NW or RW) or Distinguished Merit-separentage ("DM"). Breeders usually provide cats between twelve and sixteenweek. Twelve consecutive week have seen the kitten receive their booster shots and develop the necessary levels of physiological and societal stabilization for a new habitat, showing or airborne transport.

Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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