Sein Shwe Moe Guesthouse Dawei

His Shwe Moe Guest House Dawei

Inexpensive; His Shwe Moe Guesthouse. Myanmar Dawei - Cheap Hotels and Pensions Like many other cities in Myanmar, there is a high level of mid-price accommodations in Dawei, although there are some inexpensive and high-end facilities. Contrary to many other parts of the land, in Dawei's vicinity to the ocean you can sleep in a chalet on the shore, although you should definitely make reservations in advanced to prevent disappointments, especially in the high seasons from November to March.

KM0 in the Dawei special economic zone. In Dawei there is usually a big leap in the standard of lodging, depending on how much you are paying. Therefore it can often be cheaper to rent a room for a little more, e.g. 40 US$ per room instead of 20 US$ per day, as you will probably find a more clean and up-to-date one.

Medium rooms are usually equipped with bar, A/C, warm running tv and satelite TV, while a budgeted room usually has a common bath with cool running tv and cooling in it. If you are traveling as part of a group, you can choose a midrange in Dawei.

You' ll also have to choose whether you want to remain in the city or choose a beach area. The Shwe Moung Than Hotel on Pakokku Kyaung Street, one of the newer ones that is permitted to accommodate aliens in the city, is one of the best places to be.

A number of rooms are available, such as doubles or doubles with common bath and cool running waters, costing 20,000 MMK per day. When you decide for a room on one of the lower levels, then these come at MMK 32,000 for a two-bed room or MMK 57,000 for a three-bed room, although they are equipped with warm running waters and a bath.

If you want something more sophisticated, there is the Golden Guest House on Myotedwin Street, also new in Dawei. You will find rooms from $45, although you can get more for your own price and have your own bathroom, AC and warmth.

And if you're looking for a really cheap alternative, consider the Sein Shwe Moe Guesthouse on Ye Yeik Thar Street, which has cosy rooms and Wi-Fi. When you choose a common bath room, you can count on paying MMK 8,000 for a one-bedroom and MMK 16,000 for a two-bedroom. This means that this is one of the least expensive options in Dawei.

From Dawei you have to drive to Maungmagan if you want to remain near the shore. The Kanbouk Tide Hotel is situated on the shore and has individual rooms from 20,000 MMK. Paradise Bungalow with 10 large cabins in a picturesque cove is a very unique adventure.

A further option on the shore is Sin Htauk Strand, which is situated in a remote location on a beautiful, remote area. Notice that you won't even get mobile coverage here, but that makes it the ideal place if you really want to get away from it all and enjoy the pristine beauties of this part of Myanmar.

Burma Solo Travel - Should You Go? Burma Travel Insurance - Do You Need One? From August 1, China, Korea and Japan will be able to enter Myanmar without visas. Myanmar's yearly Waso Moon Day celebrations, which mark the beginning of Buddhist Lent in Myanmar, will take place on July 27 this year.

MInister of Transportation and Communication of Myanmar recently announced its intention to make Nyaung-U International Nyaung-U into the first ever Nyaung-U Emerald Coast International Business Park in the area.

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