Sein Shwe Moe Guesthouse

His Shwe Moe Guest House

The main business category of the company is Guest House. And if you're looking for a really cheap alternative, consider the Sein Shwe Moe Guesthouse on Ye Yeik Thar Street, which has comfortable rooms and Wi-Fi. Only a few hostels, pensions and hotels in Myanmar have permission to accept foreigners. His Shwe Moe guest house. His Shwe Moe guesthouse is active.

Suggested hotels in Dawei - Seaside

I would like to go to Dawei once during the coldness, belongs to him is nice and tourist starts to bloom there, so appreciate that I want to go before it is too late. Here I am. Who do you suggest? It is not really my money, just not too high ( "Hotel rates" in Yangon).

There is a large selection, recommendations..... Pricing looks really low!

Dawei to Htee Kee Frontier - Myanmar Forum

On 26 November 2017 we would like to exchange our experiences from the Myanmar/Thailand boarder crossings in Htee Kee/Phunaron. The mini bus ticket (13000k) was collected at 7.30 am at our Dawei hotels and our long trip began. Please be in mind that this is a van for about 10 persons and do not anticipate much room for your feet.

It' s only 160 km to the frontier, but it's mostly a slimy street and extremly jumble. Took us six and a half hour to get to the frontier. The whole trial on the Myanmar/Boorder was easy - the dude just put our name on the flight log and we drove on to the Thai/Boorder.

It is advisable to buy a Dawei to the Thai frontier, as it is a little less expensive than on the ground (there are only a few kilometres from no area between the frontiers). On the Thai frontier we completed the registration form, got a postmark and were there. I' m amazed you used the e-visa.

When I phoned the consulate because the checkpoint is not specifically listed on the e-visa website (while other checkpoints are ashore) and they said to me that we could not use the e-visa for this checkpoint. We' ve requested a good old genuine permit especially for this voyage.

Another issue - are there currency change offices near the frontier - or should I be ready with Baht in advance to come to Kanchanaburi at a decent rate (we have a stay in Bangkok when we go to Myanmar), and should I make sure I get out of Kyatt before I leave Myanmar?

Hi, you're right, it's difficult to get information about the option to get out with e-visa, but we've found this information in some current forums discussions so we've confided in it and as we might have seen in the departures notepad in the boarder, most folks go out with e-visa.

It is not possible to get an E-visa to Myanmar. You' d better switch Kyatts on the Myanmar frontier. Later we tried it in Bangkok and under no circumstances........ with evaporas you can depart at any lawful frontier, Richard, 3 registrations by land.......3 by plane..... We are trying the same rate (13000Kpp), but the best we found Phunamron limit mail was 22000Kpp.

Can you please tell us where you purchased your ticket? We' ve just purchased our ticket at Sein Shwe Moe Guest House for 21 000 Ks per head, the lowest price we could find. That' s as far as the Thai frontier, you can also buy a ticket for 17000Ks, but only to the last check point in Myanmar - from where you have to bargain for the 6km of no man's country.

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