Sedona Red Rock Country

Red Rock Country

The first glimpse of the magnificent red rocky landscape of Sedona reveals the majesty and mystery of a place sacred to its earliest prehistory. Global mallows are common wild flowers in Red Rock Country. The official site of Red Rock State Park, an Arizona State Park. Sedona Red Rock Country and. This colourful collection of buttes, pinnacles, mesas and canyons around Sedona is world-famous for its red rock views.

Explore the astonishing red rock formations, varied scenery and abundant game.

Perfect for observing the countryside, it allows the visitor to see and take pictures of the flora and fauna that inhabit this astonishing land. Oak Creek Canyon is an astonishing wonder of the outdoors. Formerly called "Arizona's Little Hollywood", Sedona was very much loved by film-makers in the gold epoch of West film when it was visited by such stars as John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Joan Crawford and even Elvis Presley.

Today Sedona is a bustling town, which offers all the comforts of the town in the picturesque wild life that surround it, and in which several different culture activities take place every year. This, together with the gentle climates, makes Sedona a very favourite holiday resort. The area is filled with great walking and cycling adventures on a variety of footpaths, from the easiest to the mostemanding.

You can see everything from the luxuriant vegetation in Oak Creek Canyon to the dark red rocks of the deserts, everywhere you go, so you better have your cameras and your gym trackers on hand. Picknick places are close to the most famous sights. While Oak Creek is best known for its trouts, there are several other rivers where you can fish.

Another favourite sport is game watching, where people can see and take pictures of flora and fauna. He once authorized it, he called it Sedona, after his woman. Soon after, in 1908, the Coconia National Forest was founded, which ensures the conservation of various historical and nature reserves. I-17 Junction, Sedona Chamber of Commerce in Uptown Sedona, Oak Creek Vista auf 89A North am Oak Creek Vista Overlook und Oak Creek Vista Center am Indian Gardens im Oak Creek Canyon.

Recently refurbished, the Oak Creek Visitor Center in gorgeous Indian Gardens provides permits and accessories if you haven't brought your own. Centres all provide facilities such as toilets and recreational information, Arizona Natural History Association tickets and travel guides and Federal Passport information and all National Forest owned parking cars must have current Red Rock Passport or equal Federal Interagency Passport.

The Red Rock Pass is available at the Visitors' Centres, most trail heads and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. Read more about Red Rock and Sedona..... This is a small survey of the most famous walking and cycling routes that lead through the beautiful landscapes and sights of the red rock of Sedona.

Picnic and camp sites like Oak Creek Canyon.

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