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Hotel Sedona Hotel Myanmar

Yangon Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon). Yangon, Sedona Hotel has updated her profile picture. Sédona Hotel Yangon Locations, prices, amenities: Expert Yangon research, hotel and travel index only. It is a good choice for western tourists and business travellers to Myanmar. True fitness signature @ SEDONA HOTEL YANGON.

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And now I can find it every single night for my breakfasts. I remained on the board! Accomodation, room, room and lodging. Calm down on the boardroom for breakfasts, if you want to work there and not mingle! One Is my birthday dining table meal Meals Foods est une bonne idée ?.

This is my first selection, the nice swimming area was just great, I never want to go away again. English is better understood by our employees than they do. We' had an outstanding hotel time. They were friendly and alert and the room services were of great value and value.

It is a top-class hotel with good F&B facilities. Well-trained personnel & good choice of buffets in the branch. Put your hand down, best hotel in Yangon. Perfect services, perfect position, nice rooms.

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There is no better way to end our months of travel to Myanmar than to spend a few evenings in one of the top valued five-star Golden Country Hotel, the Sedona Hotel. The Sedona Hotel, the biggest of its kind in Yangon, not only has a vast eight hectare site, but also a collection of 797 contemporary rooms and suite accommodation.

But not only the size of Sedona was impressive, also the love for detail and the crystallized illumination exuded a cosy atmosphere at the entry and the enormous symmetric lobby/lounge was the ideal place to chill out and soak up. Featuring a worktable, a sitting area and a giant fluffy cloudsheet, we were more than ready for our two night of luxurious time.

Contemporary accents add a lot of sophistication, especially the large, low bathroom, which looks into the master suite through a giant thin window. With two different grand pianos, Garden Wing and Inya Wing, Sedona maximized the room, which are connected by unusual paths and a choice of boutiques. Over a hotel, Sedona's amenities were infinite, with several eating places, a vast modernized gymnasium, the largest swimming pools in Yangon to date, and a 24-hour-shop.

After visiting the D'cuisine Restuarant and with so many stops of tasty secular food to eat until we dropped. There was no other option but to go into the perilous edge of the deserts with the fruits and the abundant hot cakes.

There was also a breakfastbuffet in the D'cuisine Restaurante, with choices from Westerns, Asians and everything in between. All in all, our sojourn in Sedona was truly memorable. This marvellous event gave us the great chance to relax and reward ourselves with some last remaining reminiscences of Myanmar. Click here to review the prices for the Sedona Hotel or to reserve your next stop.

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