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Sava Yangon Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar. Galerie Bar, Yangon (Rangoon) picture: Can I get the segment times and the cost of the segment times? Bliss Hotel is located in Lanmadaw, Myanmar. Myanmar Holly Hotel reviews and Holly Hotel Myanmar room rates.

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It' one of my favorite Yangon resorts. Lunches at the swimming pools are always a pleasure. And the Speck tart flambées perfectly. Dinner was fine, but in proportion to the costs I was expecting much more. But I was disillusioned with the waitress when they took the dishes off the tables while I was still ate.

And then I took my dish off the dinner menu..... so I could finished my dinner. Perhaps your employees need more workout, but taking a dish with dinner on it while I had my knives and forks in my hands is a little exaggerated....

Gorgeous haven in Yangon. Architectural design, space comforts, equipment and excellent personnel are definitely a good value for money. I' m glad that Front Office Manager (Honey Win), offer good services and patience to help me solve my problems. I' m not hesitating to suggest to the guests and spend the night in this nice little town.

It' like a motel from an old James Bond film. Amazing classic British style in combination with Asiatic aestetics. Perfectly tidy, with a large swimmingpool and fantastic restaurant...nt, which is a common sheep and perhaps the best gingerbread and citronella I have enjoyed in the ASEAN for over 8 years.

And I could spend my time sitting by the swimming poolside in this little haven in the heart of Yangon. When you visit Yangon for a few nights, you should take a look at it. Exquisite shop-and-restaurant. Great dinner. Personnel very attentively and rooms very well equipped.

Please do not forget to refer this property to a friend. Plenty of alcoholic beverages, an infinite number of small dishes with perfect dishes, a luxury ambience and careful personnel.

The Strandhotel in Yangon begins a new era

A stay in old South-East Asian establishments is unique. However, the other thing that makes these properties stand out is less obvious - the awareness that they have stayed open through some particularly turbulent decade in which Indochina changed from being a colonialist to independent in years of great repression.

Yangon in particular. In 1948 Myanmar achieved sovereignty from the British and fell to a totallyitarian army after a 1962 putsch. But since 2010 the land has been nominal democracy, and Yangon, once a paria city, has undergone dramatic changes, with nasty high-rises that seem to climb up at every turn.

Fortunately, this fast growth has also been associated with increased interest in the conservation of monuments - most recently in the renovation of the Strandhotel, the most important building from the Victorian period in Yangon. This three-storey Yangon Rivers three-storey building was opened in 1901 not far from the Yangon Dock, where you can still see the day-to-day long ships of theatre, laden with basketfuls of fruits; improvised chefs squat over the fizzling boilers that make up this city.

It is an example of how one sometimes approaches what one once was: a good memory for the hotel, of course - and perhaps also for the city.

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