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EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian Castro is breaking his ties with Ryan Chua.

Sebastian Castro business models share the reasons why he and former TV patrol journalist Ryan Chua ended their four-year partnership. Actors after the advertisement on television and on the poster board after Sebastian Castro. This is a gay-themed video ni Direk Adolf Alix na ni titled ay 4 Day na showing simulation ngayong October 18.

Partners with Mikoy Morales. It'?s just like Sebastian. It'?s like a little city. "I am very thankful that after almost five years I actually have the opportunity to have a second on the big screen," says REAKYON NIKA. Much in kinship we can say Italians are Sebastian na Umamingaysiya.

Is there a way to get a business to pagka-come-out that he' s go? "The interesting thing is, instead of being more of a business hypothesis, I began to become an endo. So, I think it was my way of saying that I will not tell lies, my words have value when I say something, I mean it seriously," says catwiran noya.

For me, the embassy is that you are not afraid to be who you are and to own it," says hammon natura sa ibanggays na hdi pa nag-a-out. Can Kelan ba na riya na-realize na bathing siya? Well, I realised quite latecly that I was 3 p.m.", pag-amin noya. Hint i ninanggi ng wapong co usin e dell' tuluyang nag-come out after lunch with friends bago tuluyang.

The Napaisip in the morning and Sebastian bago nag-react. Pintatawaad has been in contact with the ex-GF for a long time at this time. "However, for thousands of years, in fairly sa generating years, we are inclined to be a little more open-minded and accept the GGBT cultural, so I am very happy," zambit paiya.

Whalang friend ngayon si Sebastian dahil nililil kabi-break long ngilang television patrol Reporter na si Ryan Chua now founded in Beijing, China. Both Ryan Chua and I, young TV patrol reporters were in a dating relationship for four years. "We decided with Ryan for four years to get out, we decided to be ourselves, to live our life in different ways in the public and..... ayun," maleungkot wonkauwento.

Kasi, sieyempre Beijing (China) siya, sa Maynila the same.

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