Scottisch Fold

Scotch fold

StoryThe story of Scottish Fold begins in a barn. Cats Scottish Fold breed has a genetic mutation that affects the development of cartilage. Scottish Fold Cat Breed: Scottish Folds are intelligent, gentle, quiet and easily adaptable to new people and situations. Thoroughbred Scottish Fold & Straight. Thoroughbred Scottish Fold & Straight.

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It is a favourite because it is "sweet", says Gudrun Ravetz, Chairwoman of the British Veterinary Association. "Humans want these kittens for this, but unfortunately it is another example of how we give priority to the look of a domestic animal over its own living well being. "She says that the cat has a genetically mutated form that affects its chondrocytes, which results in the ear wrinkles and owl-like hair.

It says that the chondrocyte change also causes trouble with other parts of the cat's skull. It became popular in the United Kingdom, but the United States soon took it into their hearts. After the research was given up, the kittens were taken up again. In Pennsylvania, one of the females found his way to Salle Wolfe Peters, which is said to be in charge of the development of the race in the United States.

It is still a favourite in the USA and has been sold all over the globe. GCCF said it had kept its prohibition of the race since the 70s for reasons of sickness. "but then you can see the medical condition they have. "No, that's not the case," says Mrs. Ravetz of the British Veterinary Association.

"I' m sure all of our females with this pleated head will have the same gene. Let us not breed domestic animals that can have these issues. "The British Veterinary Association said that most of our females, unlike ours, have no pedigrees. While they said that about 80% of females were simply "moggies," they were concerned that consumer fashions for designers' kittens were raised more for their looks than for their goodness.

"There' s no apology for raising an insect that we know will have a life-long ailment. "The number of so-called brachycephal races - the boobies, the British bulldog, the British bulldog, the Bulldog - which can have a number of issues, among them crippling respiratory ailments.

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