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Fellowship for Myanmar

MBA scholarships for students from developing countries. Scholarships to finance your studies abroad in Myanmar. Scholarships for college in Burma can be obtained from one of these sources. The category is limited to scholarships specifically for Myanmar residents or has reserved seats for Myanmar residents. Learn about scholarships and funding opportunities for courses in the UK.

Scholarships in Myanmar: 301

Bangkok-based Technology Institute of Technology (TNI), Bangkok bietet B.Sc. Data Science and Analytics (Internationales Programm) an. The first of its kind in ThailandIELTS or any other language test is not mandatory..... The Homework Lab is honoured to start our first scholarship competition for researchers and academics from all over the globe, which will take place every 3M.

Here at Homework Lab, we are passionately interested in making students' lives more intelligent and simple. Postgraduate Fellowships for Chinese University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Scholarship recipients and Chinese University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowships for the Sir Robert Black Trust Fund are eligible for admission in 2018/2019. The Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Ljubljana (FELU) is one of the leaders in the field of European Business and Economics and one of the world' s largest provider of leadership training in this area.....

Part of our company's dedication to providing young adults with educational and professional development possibilities, we offer 10 of our 10 trainees an accelerated course (data security) free of charge. This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for post-secondary and post-secondary school..... For the awardees, the centre provides a master's/doctoral scholarship for study at Epoka Universit├Ąt and a publication opportunity:1.

Being a biotechnology enterprise that produces bio-reagents, this year ('2018) is the year we are proud to award a scholarship to them. In all, $3,000 will be given to alumni or graduates with a focus on biology/life science or related subjects. You wonder how to get a scholarship to study in Myanmar? There is a comprehensive listing of scholarship options for Myanmar campuses, which includes the best domestic and foreign scholarship, bursaries, college scholarship, free scholarship, government funds and other types of scholarship for undergraduates.

Applications for Myanmar Universities grants include financing for high schools for senior citizens, student grants, undergraduate grants, postgraduate grants and more, all in our comprehensive scholarship base. In Myanmar, find the right scholarship for a range of degree programs, which include economics and managerial grants, engineers' grants, faculty of medicine or jurisprudence grants, and sport, art or musical grants to finance your study abroad.

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