Sapolite is a mineral of metamorphic origin, usually found in crystalline marble, but also in slate and gneiss with pyroxes. The stone was formerly called Wernerite, but is now officially called Scapolite. All you ever wanted to know about Scapolite. A name for a group of aluminosilicate minerals comprising meionite, marialite and silvialite. Find out more about Scapolite sources, origin, gemmological properties and value.


Scapolite with a grey colour (and possibly a hint of violet or blue) with light châteony. Brand name for lila Scapolite from Tanzania. It' a sort or synonymous with Scapolite. It is often used to describe a highly luminous type of Scapolite, especially the greenish-grey substance described from Quebec, Canada.

Scapolite is a quite frequent type of minerals, but several locations are characterised by the fact that they produce outstanding copies of mmmy, translucent copies of this one. Lovely violet crystal comes from Afghanistan in Badakhshan province and Dara-i-Pech in Konar province. Scapolite comes from Muzeinaya, Kukh-i-Lal, Tajikistan; and bright blue crystal from Karur, Tamil Nadu, India, Mogok area, Burma (Myanmar), and translucent orange crystal come from Tanzania in the Merelani Hills, Arusha; and Morogoro, Uruguru.

Translucent, pale colored crystal comes from the provinces of Antananarivo and Tuléar, Madagascar, and colourless, oblong crystal from Linópolis, Doce Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Scapolite crystal comes from Franklin, Sussex Co. in New Jersey; Amity and Twin Lakes in Woodbury, Orange Co. in New York; and Pierrepont and Rossie, St. Lawrence Co. in New York.

Canada has outstanding quartz from the Bancroft area, Ontario; and Diamond Lake, Herschel Township, Ontario. Gooderham, Haliburton Co. in Ontario; and a highly luminous scapolite with a light golden glow comes from Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Québec, combined with blue-fluorescent diopside. Feldspar - Often formed in different crystalline patterns, lacking fluoroscence.

Metaphysical healing properties of Scapolite

Formerly known as Wernerite, this rock has since been taken out of circulation and is now formally known as Scapolite. In 1800 the rock was renamed by José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva (1763-1838) after Abraham Gottlob Werner. The Scapolite is a highly concentrated inorganic compound containing natrium, lime, silicon, aluminum, oxigen, chlorine, carbons and sulfur.

Scapolite's colour palette includes whites, greys, greens, blues, yellows, yellows, pinks, purples and reds. Skapolit was quarried in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. An important amount of Scapolite has been found at Mont Saint-Hilaire in Quebec, Canada. Bluescapolite will stimulate the third eye's throats and chest so you can articulate your thoughts more consistently.

Scapolite is a strong cardiac cleaner. Scapolite opens and clarifies the top and activates the ethereal canticles. Gelber Skapolit helps you to open the sun complex to avoid psychological attack and misuse of your powers. It supports post-operative recuperation and activates cell function and absorption of minerals.

The product is said to loosen vascular varices, cataract and ice ache, help with complaints of bones and shoulder, soothe agitated vision and help to get rid of aconures. It can be used to combat all types of stress-related diseases and imbalance. It is useful for stabilizing your state of mind and regulating your cerebral biology.

The Scapolite can be used to compensate for hypereactivity and inattention. Encourages ingestion, absorption and excretion. It is useful for the treatment of renal or gall bladder diseases. This medicine is used to treat certain types of blood pressure, to treat osteoporosis, to treat osteoarthritis and to treat osteoporosis, and to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementias. It helps to maintain the healthy blood vessels and vessels.

Helps control the bodily manifestations resulting from a mental collapse. Helps control Hodgkin's lymphoma, headache due to tense pain, gum inflammation and prolonged headaches. In Scapolite you will learn that emotive healings are not about regaining past soreness. It is a severe but mighty instructor of the use of emotive force.

This will help you learn how to use your powers to tamper with other people's feelings or acts so that you can better appreciate a more equitable use of your emotive energies. The Scapolite can help people with low self-esteem to find and evolve parts of their self-esteem.

It allows you to fracture self-destructive pattern, it is a rock for postnatal depressive disorder and PMS. If you are a counselor or shrink, use this rock to keep your mind at rest during the treatment and to support the treatment procedure. It calms the mind in stressful situations by relieving tenseness in the back, nape of the head and shoulder.

A very reassuring rock, Scapolite cuts through disorientation, anguish, anger and anxiety by penetrating deeply into your emotive center and finding the sources of this and previous life's troubles; then purifying the troubles and bringing you back into Emotion. It will prevent you from trying to rid yourself of your own poor habit, sabotage it and then blame others or circumstance.

This helps you to take full accountability for your own lives and activities. This is a quiet answer to any challenges, eliminates excitability and promotes a balance of responses to illusion. It eliminates selfishness, redirects the emotive blueline and clarifies the impact of old-timers. The Scapolite dissolves blockage from your limbs and blood vessels.

The Scapolite will remove the emotive rubbish that keeps you from going forward. Open emotive pictures and flash-backs to clarify and dissolve; causes the constant liberation of old Karmian pattern, it will end the sufferings at the fountain, but not always soft. The Scapolite is a stones of self-discipline that stimulates autonomy and reachable objectives built on goal fulfillment rather than goal fulfillment, overcoming sluggishness and self-sabotage, inducing transformations and creating clearness to see what is needed.

It is a rock that especially teaches kids new abilities. You can use this brick when you build a deal or build an expertise. Carry this jewel when you apply for a leading position. The Scapolite clarifies the educated assumption that you are responsible for everything, no mater how subtile it may be, by suppressing external factors that sabotage your world.

Then Scapolite drives you out of mental sluggishness and into a vibrant plot. The Scapolite is useful for influencing deliberate changes. The Scapolite is a useful rock for your journey through your dream and the plains of the Orient. This can help you connect more readily with the higher leadership resources, as well as your own higher self-confidence, as well as yourselves.

It is Scapolite who will teach you that true charity can overcome anything.

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