Scandinavian Restaurant

The Scandinavian Restaurant

Locate and book the best Scandinavian restaurants in Sheffield. Have a look at independent reviews of the best Scandinavian restaurants in Sheffield and receive special offers. The Noma is a two Michelin star restaurant of chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen, Denmark. The forms are available at the Scandinavian Home Society Restaurant. Explore Snaps + Rye: contemporary Danish restaurant on Golborne Road in London.


It is part of our range of items that brings together the best London dining venues for eating from different nationalities. We are not necessarily referring to the places we think influence the ambience, the taste of the meal or the value.... and sometimes everything else. Here is our view of the best of the recent Northern booming London has seen.

One would think that opening a second location for this Scandinavian smokery restaurant would offer a better opportunity to get a spur-of-the-moment meal. However, Rök's Scandi-influenced meals, which combine UK meat and products with Scandinavian smoked and salted technologies, keep gamblers on the go. Do you have a prescription for Scandi Escoteric ingredi?

Not only for buying - there are also open rolls, biscuits and really good coffees at one of the small outdoor desks. It' not exactly a restaurant, but the long menue of nordically influenced sandwhiches - like pancakes and cranberries on black rice - and rolls of lemon are on the census.

"Known for its brown sandwich baked with brown ryebread and traditional Finnic type rolls, the company also sells..... Finish coffeecake with date and classical tuscan pie with crunchylmonds. "This W4 restaurant by Mikael Jonsson has an impressing line. Awarded a Michelin star, it was recently named the world' s sixtieth best restaurant.

Jonsson is a proud Swede, and although not necessarily known from his cuisine, Scandinavian touches of the kind that has made Noma so popular are evident in the wealth of eaten foliage, seasonsal flavours and an emphasis on vegetable as the major crowd pull. Pitfield Street's small, light café makes classic like a full English, but Sweden's cuisine is the stars.

You make a Scandinavian breakfasts with engravadlax, cheeses, ham, pickles and cut uncooked vegetable, and there is a beautiful line of Scandinavian baked goods, rolls and sandwiches that can be changed on a regular basis, up to the sounds of vinyls in the foreground. It' s tough not to be overwhelmed by this St. James's Market restaurant with all its hot, summer yoghurt, roasted ryebread, crabs and samphires.

Aquavit comes to show you that Scandinavian food is pallid, simple and minimalist. This new Aquavit Group office - with two Michelin star rated outlets in NY and Tokyo, the first - has its Scandi squadron on its cuff. Opulently decorated, glossy-clad gamblers and nicely made cocktails: this is a high-gloss, steep-price variant of northern food.

Special features included: this shrimp on boiled bones with boiled brown salmon pudding with freshly boiled sea salt, almond and caper, and a Lomma Beach roasted Lomma roundbread. A vibrant blend of OP Anderson, aperitifs, lemon, rose hip and bittern. And, not surprisingly, their aquavite listing is quite impressing..... The Amhurst Road Restaurant and Pub features a very Hackney style Scandinavian cuisine, in a room that combines pale Scandinavian style with old Bahnhofsbergen - mixed effect: pepper hackney.

Cucumbers, smouldered gherkins, smoked lox and Norway's pølese sausage appear, and occasionally red beet and horse radish are spread in otherwise relatively normal American cuisine. There is nothing particularly northern about the cocktails but it is not even the Norwegians can get better with a litchi Martin?

It is a balance between the Scandinavian bakery and coffee shops spread across London and the more official Scandi area. With an alcoholic license and an unofficial coffee shop viceversa, they open a sandwich and split plates of things like homemade grain schnitzel, meat balls, beetroot und rice loaves if you want to mix something easy with your water.

It' more of a cake shop than a restaurant, but with more than enough tough rice sandwhiches and gooey kardamom rolls to protect you for your luncheon and warrant a place on this menu. On first glance, this Scandinavian restaurant looks like it's at the healthy end of the Scandinavian menu.

Dinner and breakfasts with lots of green fruits, open-plan sea-food sweets and warm meals such as oats and cranberry marmalade. However, at Smaka there is decades when you know where and when you are looking for it: with two - yes, two - groundless brunches, the first one a groundless range of cocktails every single evening from dawn to early afternoons.

The Harcourt - a pub-restaurant, the northern cold in the centre of W1 - a totally-bangers. It is an absolute hit, from the intimate eating rooms and gloomy niches made of wood to the gastro public meals and the drinks list, which is softly processed but strongly enriched with an amber.

One of the most outstanding meals is steak and pork carpatcio with sorrel, cabbage with potato cake and cardoon - and only the baskets of brown, tender loaves of baked self. Composition such as cloudberries, whiskey fragrance and bittersyrup on the side of the drink and cranberries, bear's leek and smoke on the side of the meal mean that both meals are like poems about a Nordic forrest.

Don't miss the deer scotch eggs when you're there for your next lesson - every night between 3 and 6 pm. The chef Helena Puolakka brings her Finish backdrop to Aster's Nordic-French cuisine. This is manifested in the form of stylish, meticulously crafted dishes that glorify some of what you may never have thought were flamboyant - beets and herrings among them.

The prizes are high and the atmosphere is formally, but there is a great deal of work in these courts and some uncommon and interesting shots of UK classic - cranberry quark in Victoria cream or seabuckthorn with milk choclate and sky. There is also a coffee shop with a good midday meal at lower rates.

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