Evacuation order for Burmese friar Shwe Nya War Sayardaw An elderly Myanmar friar was ordered to vacate his Rangoon convent for a discourse he gave at a pro-democracy meeting. A well-known member of the Mandalay Democratic National League, Shwe Nya War Sayardaw, turned to the National League for Democracy for help. Burma's authorities have recently carried out a range of reform measures.

However, there are still several hundred detainees and the countrys population is still suffering from racial tension. They were actually ordered to emigrate by the monks' board, but this is supported by the Myanmar bureau. Shwe Nya War Sayardaw, a monk at Sadhu Abbey in Rangoon, was told by the monks' government that he was discriminated against for speaking to the National League for Democracy in front of the pro-democracy leaders Aung Sun Suu Kyi's (NLD) politick.

It says that he must move away from the Sadhu cloister and that he cannot educate in cloisters without the consent of the government organ - the Sangha. Though he was ordered to abandon Sadhu Abbey, he can still reside in other cloisters. According to a newsman from the area, he refuses to follow the order and says that he will remain in the convent until he is expelled.

He' s known for his frank opinions and for using buddhistic tales to make unfavorable analogies between the administration and the administration, correspondent say. Suu Kyi's NLD has recently been newly enrolled as a politician and is due to speak out for the House in the upcoming by-elections. One of the recent reform of the regime has been the release of Ms Suu Kyi from prison and the possibility of playing a leading social part, which has led to speculations that decade-long solitary confinement may soon be over.

Last year the armed forces gave over to a civil regime, but the military's supremacy is enshrined in the country's constitutional system. In the meantime, China said on Thursday that its Burma envoy had met with Aung San Suu Kyi, the first official gathering between the main supporters of the military-backed Chinese authorities and their most eminent critics.

Chinese State Department spokesperson Liu Weimin said the meet had been set up at Aung San Suu Kyi's wish, but he did not say when it would take place. A spokesperson said the embassador made contact with them because China is ready to talk to all areas of Burma's population.

The NLD won a landmark electoral coup in 1990, but the regime declined to acknowledge the outcome, and the NLD was never permitted to take over.

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